Monday, July 6, 2009

More on the Circle Journals

In the last post I shared the amazing circle journal that everyone participated in... this time I've got the pages I did in everyone else's journals :)

A to Z of Me - Beverley This was a fun journal where you took each letter of the alphabet and wrote something about yourself. Took a bit of thought... especially for a couple of the letters... but was really happy with it in the end.Shoes - Esther I've never really been a 'shoe' girl... but this journal did prompt me to buy a couple of new pairs! My Home Town - Lianne I had heaps of fun with this one... loved using the flax paper :)Sketchbook - Rangi This was a neat journal... we had to design a sketch and then create a layout using our own sketch... very cool idea!Special Memories - Jane One of my special moments was graduating from Teachers College so that's what I chose for this journal :)1970's Ngaere Being a kid in the 1970's was lots of fun. We lived on a farm and were always busy doing things!In my handbag - Tracey I don't actually own a handbag but I DO like flax kete... mine are usually full of all sorts of things... especially during the school term!Everyday Moments - Michelle This was another great idea for a journal... documenting the 'every day' things in your life!

Why Scrapbook? - Tricia This was really fun... we had to do a layout about WHY we scrapbook... what we like and what keeps us doing it... very thought provoking!

Scrapaholic - Lee This journal was the last one I worked on and heaps of fun to read what others had already written. We had to use the statement: Hello my name is _____ and I'm a scrapaholic. Lots of fun!Thanks again to everyone who participated in this circle journal swap! It was so neat to be able to see your work in real life and I've gotten heaps of new ideas from looking through your journals :)