Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magnolia Down Under challenge

Hi everyone :)

I’m totally loving having a few days break at the moment and luckily enough the creativity levels are pretty good!

As I was looking through the blogs I like I came across the Magnolia Down Under challenge #65 and it really inspired me.  The theme is flowers and lace so I got out my Magnolia stamps and had a very happy time stamping, colouring and using sparkles so I had a few to choose from… and this is what I made:

front I know it’s quite early to be making Christmas cards… but I absolutely loved this image called ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ which I masked and stamped with the ‘Fireplace with Stockings’ stamp.

On the inside I used some more patterned paper along with another of the Prima Poinsettia flowers:

inside I wasn’t sure who the card was going to be for… either Mum or Dad… but since Mum reads my blog I’d better give it to Dad and make Mum another ‘secret’ one LOL

open Now all I have to remember to do is actually give the card away which so far has been very difficult to do :)

Thanks for the challenge ladies… I really enjoyed this one!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Still clean :)

Two weeks ago Mikayla and I spent 7 HOURS cleaning, scrubbing, de-cluttering and tidying… and the house looked awesome!

Usually after two weeks we’d be right back to square one again… but not this time!  We decided that after all the effort we’d put in we had to do something different so we introduced a FINE system! 

Basically how it works is that if ANYONE leaves ANYTHING in the ‘communal living areas’ (kitchen, lounge, bathroom etc) overnight then they have to pay a $3 fine.  We thought it would work… we hoped it would work… and after two weeks we can report that IT WORKS!!!

The lounge still looks like this:IMG_0577

It’s been so nice to come home to a clean and tidy house every day!  And as for the ‘fine’ system… so far there’s $6 in the jar and both lots are from Krystal LOL

p.s. Krystal thinks it’s all a bit ‘over the top’ but it’s definitely made a HUGE difference :)