Thursday, February 17, 2011

It’s official!

For some of you this will be ‘old news’ now since it’s been on Facebook and the Forum but I thought I’d put it on my blog as well!

On February 1st Tautu and I got engaged!  Yes I kept it pretty quiet that I was seeing someone… but now it’s all official!

Here’s a photo of the ring… which I think is pretty spectacular :)

The ring

The weekend after we got engaged we went over to visit Mum and we had a bit of a photo shoot… and got some really lovely photos :)  We both like this one:


And this one is lovely too:


And of course there is always a few ‘bloopers’ but this one is still a fav with me! 

A fun

Tautu is colour blind and he was pretending that he couldn’t see the purple flowers on the tree… until I remembered that it was red on green that he couldn’t see!

So that’s our news… we’re planning on getting married January 2012 so we’ve got heaps of time to get it all done (although, ask me later in the year, and I’ll probably say we’re running out of time lol)