Monday, August 1, 2011

A little bit of baking madness!

In amongst all the other things happening this weekend I decided to try and make some decorated cookies.  I’m NOT over the cupcakes yet… just wanted to try some different icing techniques!

It took a couple of goes to get the biscuits right… my oven seems to be going into hyper drive at the moment… I might need to get the thermostat looked at!

Anyway, I made some cookies using my new teapot cutter and finally got a few that I was happy with… and Tautu got quite a few that I was not so happy with… which meant he was pretty happy too LOL

Last night I made some glaze icing and had a go at decorating… and I’m pretty pleased with the results considering it was my first time doing this.  Here’s a look at all of them together:IMG_3450_1

I started off with some black outlining which I let dry for about 30 minutes.  Then I made up some hot pink icing and started ‘flooding’ the shapes.  After a while I was tired of all the pink so I made up some teal icing and kept going. 

Tautu decided to ‘help’ me with the sprinkles… and he has decided that maybe I need a new ‘interior decorator’!!IMG_3465_1

He may be right because I prefer the ones without the sprinkles!  The glaze icing is really cool though and you can get some awesome effects with it.IMG_3460_1

By the time we iced these little babies we were completely over icing and everything sweet!  We decided to have curried kumara soup for dinner so I set Tautu to task peeling the kumara for me… and managed to catch him at work without him realising it!IMG_3456_1

Unfortunately his ‘helpfulness’ didn’t extend to the dishes last night… but the cookies still look awesome this morning!

Now it’s time to get myself organised and get to work for the start of the new term.

Have a great week everyone Smile