Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for a catch up!

Hi everyone Smile

There has been so much happening over the past few weeks and although I’ve had great intentions of updating my blog, it just hasn’t happened until now LOL

First up I’ve been busy with the Rugby World Cup!  I’ve never been much of a rugby  follower but this term at school it was our theme and I got caught up in the excitement of it as well… and actually I’ve learnt quite a lot along the way.

On the Scrapbook Dreams forum we organised a tag swap for the Rugby World Cup and I was blown away by the response.  20 ladies chose a country and each created 20 tags about their country.  Then they sent them in to me and we organised them all before sending them back out.  Here’s what 420 tags (including covers) looked like on my lounge floor:


I did 20 cover tags:

And then I created 20 New Zealand tags:

The finished tag book looks pretty impressive!  Mum took part in the swap as well and she created the Ireland tags… if you knew my mum you’d know that she’s more Irish than the Irish LOL

Here’s Mum’s tag:

And here’s a photo she sent me of all her tags arranged very artistically!

World Cup 2011

At school we were lucky enough to have three of the Irish team come for a visit so we made a huge effort and had a classroom window competition.  Here’s the entry for my class:


We used a shamrock template and the kids coloured in HEAPS of them… green ones for the ‘grass’ and colourful ones for our rainbow.  We also had a pot of gold at each end of the rainbow along with dancing leprechauns!!



It was a bit hard to photograph with the sunlight but you kind of get the idea.  In the centre area we had a string of flags and big letters spelling out Ireland that the kids did:


On the day that the Irish players visited we had a massive fashion parade which was fantastic… so much GREEN everywhere!  Here’s a couple photos of my kids all dressed up:



Just imagine over 500 people all dressed in GREEN!

In the middle block we had Gaelic games and I was helping out with the Gumboot tossing… lots of fun but I lost a lot of my voice shouting out “1... 2… 3… TOSS!”

At lunchtime there was a mini food festival with all sorts of Irish goodies and Mum came over for the afternoon as well.  After lunch we all went to the hall where our kids performed some kapahaka and really blew the Irish players out of the water by singing the ‘Irish Call’… it was pretty impressive stuff!



The Irish players were presented with a carved paddle which they were pretty thrilled about:


Afterwards they went around shaking hands and handing out a few goodies like key rings.  Mum and I were a bit slow off the mark but one of my boys managed to get a key ring for Mum and she was pretty thrilled about it:


So that was Irish Day!  I’ve been watching quite a few of the games and actually enjoying them LOL 

I think that’s enough for now but I’ve got a very special little boy to introduce to you in the next update so keep watching :)