Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I spy

The latest challenge on No 8 Wired is to look around your life and create a LO about something that is just a normal part of your everyday life.

During the school holidays I was over in Hamilton and my nephew decided to come in Auntie's car... no problem... UNTIL... he announced that we would play 'I spy'. For anyone that hasn't played I spy with an almost 5 year old it's a very humbling experience! So here's my take on the challenge:

The journalling reads:

Aidan: I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘r’
Auntie: rainbow
Aidan: no
Auntie: roundabout
Aidan: dramatic sighing… no
Auntie: rugby lights - I thought that was quite a good one!
Aidan: see Auntie that’s what I’m NOT talking about
Auntie: well gee… I feel really dumb now!!!…hmm I don’t know
Aidan: It’s REAGAN!
Auntie: well of course it is… duh!!! And if I’d only used my x-ray vision I could have seen him 100km away!

Aidan: My turn again!! I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘t’
Auntie: traffic lights
Aidan: no
Auntie: tyres
Aidan: no way!
Auntie: tall buildings
Aidan: you’re not very good at this game are you Auntie!
Auntie: there’s nothing like a 4 year old to make an Auntie feel dumb… so I thought I’d be silly and guess… ‘SUNGLASSES’
Aidan: Yes! - how did you get it Auntie?
Auntie: gee I don’t know honey… maybe I’m better at this game than we thought!

On top of these little gems we also had 'j'... now there aren't that many things beginning with 'j'... I guessed judder bars and jumping (you never know with a 4 year old!) But the answer came back... no Auntie... it's red and sticky and you put it on your bread.... it's jam!

Remind me to play this game when he's learned the rules a bit better! LOL


  1. Cute!! So cool that you documented this - he'll laugh when he's older! :-)

    I know what you mean about playing Eye Spy with kids ... Ethan is pretty good at it but once he had chosen "something beginning with W" and we couldn't guess it ... until he finally said "It's WOAD!!!" ;-)

  2. Loving the layout. I think every parent's been thru eye spy like that. I know I have once for each of my boys.


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