Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tile Swap

Time to share something cool!!! During August I did a 3 x 3 inch tile swap through Glamour Girl Stamps. We each made nine tiles using the theme of black and silver. After we sent them in Debbie sorted them out so that we had a mixture and then we got our little treasures back. This was our first tile swap using this size and the finished results were just AMAZING!
I spent ages looking at mine but wanted to find a way to display them and came up with the idea of using a canvas. I used a really lovely paper from Creative Imaginations for the background and then mounted each tile on a piece of black cardstock before putting them on the paper. I painted the sides of the canvas black and then glued everything down. Here's the finished result:
It looks fantastic in real life and I hope all the girls in the swap like what I've done with it. It looks especially good at night when the lights are on because quite a few of them catch the light and they almost 'shine'. If you ever get the chance to do a swap of this kind I'd highly recommend it!


  1. Great idea on presenting the tiles. Love it. very stunning effect and idea.

  2. Beautiful!! They look fantastic!

  3. Can I ask you what will seem a silly question - what are the tiles made of? Are they ceramic? I guess they cant be as they would be too heavy for the paper.

  4. Actually it's not a silly question at all... the tiles are made on chipboard :)


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