Sunday, October 7, 2007

Back to School tomorrow!!

Yes it's true... the school holidays are almost over! I've had such a refreshing two weeks off work... and gotten heaps of creating done!! I must admit that I really love the school holidays but I've still got to pay the mortgage so it's back to school tomorrow. The upside is that my first three weeks back will all be 4 day weeks!! How did I manage that??? I'm taking this Friday and next Monday off work for SENZ (more on that shortly) and then the following Monday is Labour Weekend... yippee!!

Right on with the update. I told you in my last post that I won a spot as a guest designer on Neen's blog 'The Music in Me'... well here is the layout I created for Cyndi Lauper's song Time after Time. I've made my layout as a canvas so that I can have it on the wall and remind myself that I really do need to take time out regularly to unwind, relax and recharge my batteries!

The lastest ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap on SbO was fantastic! We used the theme Black & White and had a really creative mix of ideas. These swaps are getting really popular and I would really encourage anyone to give it a go!"

SENZ is coming up this Friday!!! So excited!! It will be my first time on a plane in almost 20 years! I've been looking forward to going for months and trying hard to contain my excitement! I've booked in to do 2 classes... the first one is a 2008 Desktop Maya Rd Calendar with Yolande. I'm still trying to pick my photos for this one as there are so many I want to use! Then on Saturday I'm doing an Altered Maya Rd Recipe Tin (with Yolande again). Really looking forward to doing this one because I've got about 5 Maya Rd tins sitting here waiting to be altered!!! To help with the excitement I've been making SENZ swap pins so if you see me at SENZ please come and say hello and swap a pin with me :)

Today is my brother in laws birthday and I gave him the canvas I made for him back in August. Actually it was quite hard to give it away because I've really enjoyed looking at it everyday! Now my BIL is a man of few words and he often keeps his opinions to himself but it's safe to say that he really LOVED the canvas! I was so pleased with his reaction... and really glad that I was there in person to see what he thought of it! Happy Birthday :)

And finally... I also gave the 'Good Times' book to Dave and he was really blown away with it! He kept going back to have another look at it and couldn't believe that I had gone from never making a layout about him to creating an entire album just for him. I think I'll have to do some more gift giving because it is a wonderful feeling to make something special for someone and have them really love it!

So it's back to the reality of work tomorrow and time to get myself organised... have a great week!


  1. oh you have been busy!! funny things about those mortgages though lol, they have to be paid.

    Have fun at Senz, like ya swap pins. Have fun on the plane!! Also nice to hear your gifts went down well!! People love handmade gifts because they are from the heart.

    Cool time after time layout too, we all need to remember to take time out and slow down!! Love the photos of the beach and the effect of the pebbles etc that you used to recreate theat beachy feel

  2. Glad you have enjoyed your holidays and feel relaxed! That's what we want teachers to feel before the term begins :-)

    Great layout for Neen's blog too! I love the beach photos you've used.

    Have a great time at SENZ!!!

  3. I'm so glad you came visiting at my blog now I've been able to visit and see all your beautiful creations. Loking forward to meeting you at SENZ

  4. Sounds like you had a fab holiday!
    Gorgeous beach photos! And those ATC's.. beautiful. You might have just inspired me to give it a go and join in.
    And Senz.. oh you lucky thing I am envious and wanna come too!You're gonna have a fab time no doubt! Looking froward to your creations!

  5. Sounds like a very creative 2 weeks - so good when you go back to work refreshed - have an awesome time at senz and enjoy your 3 - 4 day weeks.

  6. Hi Shell. Looking forward to meeting you at SENZ.
    I was trying to see where you were in NP. OMG were you camping in that lousy, cold weather? That would have been an adventure and more!
    Lovely canvas too! They look like west coast stones???

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog :O) This layout is lovely..the beach pic is gorgeous and I love the layouts you've used.

  8. Thank you for your kind commments on my card blog!

    Those b&w cards look great, and the swap pins are so pretty!

  9. Great Canvas Shell. I love all the textures you used on it!!!


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