Saturday, October 27, 2007

The mojo has returned :)

Thank goodness!!! I don't think it had completely left it was more a case of HEAPS of ideas and NO energy. Nie thought that it might have been creative overload from SENZ and I'm pretty sure she was right. Luckily I've been writing down all my ideas and sketching layouts so now that I've got my energy back I should be fine :)
In the last post I mentioned that I had a few swap pins left over from SENZ and that I would do a random draw from commenters on that post.... and it certainly brought you lurkers out into the open LOL so all the names went into the hat (or in this case a bowl) and here's the draw: Mrs Frizz, mrinz, Yvette, Hannah, and Ilka! If you email me ( your postal address I'll get your pins in the mail to you :)

I have just recently done a jig saw puzzle piece swap with Glamour Girls. We each had to make two puzzle pieces... the first one was an open theme but something that could be used as an embellishment on a card, layout or tag and the second one was on the theme of where we live and made into a magnet. Obviously my magnet was about Rotorua and I went quite arty with the other one using serviettes, mod podge and little bits and pieces from some Tim Holtz stuff I had. Here's what I made:
And here's what I got from Ngaere... very creative :)

Staying with Glamour Girls for a moment... we recently did a 1 for 1 ATC swap on the theme 'Lady in Red'. Karen sent me this ATC which has a very arty feel to it!And here's the ATC I made for Karen:I got tagged by Penny who also happens to be the lastest winner of the NZ Dares challenge blog!!! Way to go Penny :)

I've decided to do and ABC of scrapbooking instead of random facts of me... basically because there were too many letters I couldn't think of anything for!

  • Adhesive... I'm pretty sure I wasn't a 'glue eater' at school but I do use heaps of it now
  • Brads... I have so many but I really do use them!!!
  • Chipboard... I love how you can turn something so plain into something fantastic!
  • Daubers... I go through daubers like you wouldn't believe... Just about every project sees me using them!
  • Embellishments... there is so much out there now!
  • Flowers... it took me a long time to use flowers but I love using them now.
  • Glue dots... these things are soooo handy! I even temporarily fixed one of my shoes with them LOL
  • Hammer... I've got a cool little hammer that I like using but one day I'm going to get one of those 'girl' hammers with flowers all over it!
  • Ink... I think ink would be the thing I use most... almost every layout, ATC, project has ink on it... hence why I go through so many daubers!
  • Journaling... this has become really important to me... and since getting Nic Howard's book you're going to see lots more journaling on my layouts! If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend it!!!
  • Kits... I've started buying more kits lately and I have to say I'm quite impressed with them! I love that everything goes together and it's a fantastic way to learn new skills.
  • Letters... I really do have to start using up more of the letters I've bought!
  • MOJO... I can't scrap without it!!! I love it when everything just flows :)
  • Needles... I never thought I would like stitching on my layouts but I've done a couple using stitching now and it's growing on me... just hate it when the needles get all sticky!!!
  • OTP... I love doing Off The Page projects!!! Mini albums, tins, ATC's, wooden letters etc... and I've recently bought two wooden shoes that I'm going to do something with!
  • Patterned paper... I love the variety of papers we now have available and I have my favourites... Basic Grey, Fancy Pants and My Minds Eye... especially the double sided ones :)
  • Quiet time... I love creating on my own... maybe I'm just anti-social??? I enjoy taking classes when I'm learning to make something but when I've got a project of my own I'm working on it's: Leave me alone time!
  • Rub-ons... I never used to use them but in the last 6 months I've discovered some great rub-ons and I especially like the ones that match paper collections!
  • Sandpaper... I know lots of people use those big nail files to sand the edges of their work but I just can't get the technique right so it's plain old sand paper for me!
  • Templates... I've got a few and honestly haven't used them... but I like the idea of them so now I'll have to learn how to use them so I can get some of the new ones I like!
  • Unmounted stamps... Let's just say that Rhonna Farrer is a very talented lady and I love her work... please don't ask how many of her stamps I have now!!!
  • Versa Mark... I love those little cubes of colour!
  • Wire... I used wire and beads on a few ATC's lately and really liked the effect so I think I might give it a go on a layout soon.
  • Xyron... what's not to like about putting ribbon in one end and having it come out all ready for sticking on a page???
  • Yarns & Fibres... another thing that's grown on me! I haven't quite managed to get the look I want yet but I'm definitely getting closer to it!
  • Zig Pens... I love my black zig pen!!!

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you would like to have a go at your own ABC's I'd love to see what you do! So that's it from me... thanks for hanging in there until the end! Have an awesome weekend and please leave me a comment so that I know you've visited :)


  1. They are very cool!! Love that first one especially :)

  2. Gorgeous wee puzzle pieces you made, love em! So clever! And what a great idea for the list, had to chuckle about using the gluedot to fix your shoe and as to quiet time, I completely understand you, I feel like that too. Thanks for 'picking' me!
    Have a fab weekend, hopefully one with some sun and no rain , just for a change aye;p

  3. Beautiful!

    And I love your take on the ABC :) I am a glue fanatic too. LOL!

  4. Gorgeous altered jigsaw pieces! Well done with the ABC, that certainly would have taken some thinking about! Thanks for drawing my name. To be honest, I hadn't read that bottom bit properly so didn't realis eI was in for a draw, but I am looking forward to recieving a little parcel with your swap pin!

  5. Beautiful puzzle pieces and ATC cards. And I love the idea of puting quotes on the back of the calendar. I have one to do for my DH for Christmas and I think I will do that on it

  6. Thanks for picking my name! I think you've got my postal address, but if you've lost it just let me know :-)

    LOVE those jigsaw pieces!!! They're awesome!

  7. Those jigsaw pieces are like ... wow! Very creative ... very creative indeed!!!!

    Look forward to receiving one of your pins in the mail ... thank you.

    Enjoyed reading your A to Z list and like Ilka, I too laughed when I read about yout glue dot and shoe experience ... they are sticky little suckers ...

  8. Gorgeous work Shell! You have beenn Rak'ed on the great blinkie hunt!!

  9. Ohh love those puzzle pieces - I just bought some from Spotlight - now I know what to do with them - i buy things because I just know they will be great for something!

  10. Just love your ATC's and puzzle pieces and had to laugh at some of your ABC's. I have a girly hammer, it's great!

  11. Hi Shell, these puzzle pieces are so amazing!!! Gorgeous work!
    Thanks so much for commenting on the ASS blog!
    Chris Millar.

  12. Thanks very much for the swap pin Shell, it arrived today.

    What a lot of work has gone into making it!

    Much appreciated - has inspired me to get cracking on some more pages in my scrapbook album.

  13. The ATC's and Puzzle pieces are FAB!:)


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