Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lots of bits and pieces :)

Well you've really made Mum feel great!!! She is quite astounded by all the comments about her tags and it's certainly made her feel really good about sharing her work with others. It's even inspired her to complete a very special tag... this one is for her Mum and it's beautiful :)

Here's what Mum wrote:
The music is one of the songs Mum sang on stage, by herself, when I was about 8 or 9. I remember her being as nervous as a kitten. You could almost say she was terrified. She shouldn't have been because she carried it off no problem. Her biggest loves in life were her family, her faith and of course her cat. Her name was Rose and the colour predominant at her wedding was mushroom pink. The blue represents the dress she wore when she sang... blue roses on a cream background.I agree with Mum that family meant the world to Granny. She was an only child so to have 5 children of her own and be a part of a noisy bustling household gave her a lot of pleasure... and with 4 boys in the family (Mum is an only daughter) it was definitely noisy! Way to go Mum... you've done a FAB job!

While we're on the subject of family... I've just had an email the other day from a long lost cousin and it's awesome to be in touch with her again... (waving frantically across the ditch to you Maree!!!) It's so fab to be back in touch again and can't wait to catch up properly with you!

Right... now that Mum's finished hogging my blog!!! I've got a couple of projects to share :) This first one was a card swap with Glamour Girls. We each made a triptych card (meaning a card in 3 panels but all joined together) using the theme By the Sea. I really enjoyed this project because it was so 'arty'. Here's the front of my card:

And here's the inside:There were lots of elements to the card and it was totally fun making it. Once I was done I figured it would be nice to make a matching envelope so here's the front:And here's the back:This next project is another Glamour Girls swap. We each altered a laminate sample... the kind you get from Bunnings for kitchen benches etc. The theme was 'Asian' and this is what I came up with:And here's a close up of the actual artwork:I really enjoyed 'playing' with stuff for this one! Today in the mail I received a beautifully altered laminate sample from 'Helga'. Here's one side:

And here's the other side:It's just stunning and the beads really look amazing!!!

The very special project I was working on is now done. I'm not going to show you (due to privacy) but I will tell you that it was an album for a family I've never met. I joined up with Care2Crop late last year and they are an absolutely worthwhile group to belong to. Basically Care2Crop is a place where scrapbookers from around New Zealand can join together to help families going through difficult times tell the story of their journey. I've totally enjoyed making the album I was assigned and I'd recommend it to other scrapbookers.

To finish off I've got a wee secret to share... well actully I'm not going to share it until Friday (yes I know that's mean! LOL) but I will tell you that it involves: scrapbooking, sneak peaks and pizza boxes :) Oh, and this butterfly is really important as well:

I'll be back on Friday with all the news... catch you then!


  1. I know that song :) Beautiful tag Shell's Mum!

    And you've done some lovely artwork there too Shell. Neat idea to alter those laminate thingies.

  2. Wow your mum has been busy, stunning work by the way and such a great idea. love how each tag means something. Very cool. Thats what it is all about. recording memories and being creative. Love the laminate tags, very cool idea, love the theme. I am quite taken with the mermaid card. Hmmm are you a guest designer?? or on a design team??

  3. Yay I can't wait to get your album back and yay about your mum's tags i just love them and love your creations...

    Mmmm scrapbooking, sneak peaks and pizza boxes - i can only guess you onto a Design Team? Am I right??????

  4. love that glamour girl tag - yummy!!
    hmmm what are you up to huh? ;O)

  5. So ... we've got to wait until Friday ... teaser!!!!!

    Gorgeous tags and what a neat idea ...a piece of laminate ...

  6. orgeous Tag from your Mom Shell!
    Love your yummy creations too and ohhhhhhh amd I put my money on a DT spot!


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