Monday, June 9, 2008

BIG announcement!!!

I bet you were wondering what’s been going on since it’s so long since my last post… well today it’s official! I have opened Scrapbook Dreams LIVE!! It's been exciting, nerve racking, brilliant, stressful, fantastic, and frustrating... and lots of other emotions too!!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes ordering product, organising the website, loading all the product onto the website (my poor fingers are tired LOL) and stocking up the paper racks and peg boards! Dave has gotten used to me coming home from Bunnings with MORE pegboard... but I've pretty much run out of wall space now so he's safe LOL

Scrapbook Dreams now has it’s own website, online store, gallery (which is ready and waiting for you to load your layouts into!) and our own forum!

We’d love you to visit so here’s the link:

And if you think you recognise that purple… yes you’re right it is the Cadbury purple! Just love that colour!!


  1. Hi Shell
    You have been a busy wee thing. I've already been to look at your site - awesome, I will definitely be placing an order in the near future. I've signed up for the forum too. Congratulations and best of luck with your new venture.

  2. congrats on your new venture, hmmm bloglines didn't tell me you had updated your blog.

  3. Hiya Shell,
    I got a message from tilly to check out your blog and that i would get a shock. She was right lol.
    Congratulations and goodluck, oh how wonderful for you. :o)

  4. Geez, I was just stopping by to see how you were doing but wow.... this is awesome!!!!!! Congrats on your online store!! I'm going to check it out and I can tell you one thing.... If I lived in New Zealand, I'd order!!!!!


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