Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've been busy scrapping!

What's with all the posts lately??? LOL Let's just say that the mojo is back and school holidays are here so there's lots of scrapping taking place :)

I've had a few photos printed out waiting to be scrapped and in amongst all my organising I came across the 'perfect' papers to scrap them with so I got busy and here's what I've come up with. This first layout focusses on my nieces Kody & Jessy. Kody has been waiting very patiently for her new sister to arrive and when she finally did (three weeks early) Kody was very proud!!! She loves being a big sister too!

I haven't done a 'pink' layout for quite a while but I'm fairly pleased with how this one turned out. The papers are really pretty and have a bit of a shine to them :)

Next is my nephew Reece. He's such a smiley young man and I've got some wonderful photos of him. For this layout I wanted to try using 'white space'. I'm not very good at that... I have a NEED to fill up the whole page... but with a sketch in hand I managed to get it done and I LOVE how it turned out!

The next layout uses some very recent photos (taken on Tuesday when I got together with my sisters). I took my niece and nephew for a walk to the post office and we passed a Wiggles ride. ALL the way to the post office and ALL the way back my nephew begged and pleaded for a ride... and being the soft touch I am sometimes I gave in.

My niece picked the plane... and wouldn't you know it... my nephew wanted to sit on the plane! So my niece actually moved and went to the boat.... yep, my nephew wanted to sit in the boat... typical! This time though his sister wasn't moving so my nephew finally settled into the car. Auntie puts in $2, grabs her camera and we're off.

Every time they came around I snapped pictures... all the ones of my niece are lovely... big smiles, cheeky grins... just lovely! BUT my nephew was determined NOT to smile! I kept taking photos any way! After the ride I showed the kids the photos and my nephew said: 'You won't scrapbook those photos Auntie'... Yeah right!!! So here's a layout using the photos I 'wouldn't scrap'!And as the journaling says: 'Never dare Auntie NOT to scrap honey! xxx' I emailed my sister the layout yesterday and my nephew thought it was quite cool! Then she told him that I was going to put it on my wall and he was horrified!!! Just as well he doesn't know that I've blogged it!!! LOL

I've still got a few photos I want to scrap so hopefully I'll be back again this week with another update. Thanks to everyone for their comments too... it's always lovely to hear what you think :)


  1. Hi Shell!!!

    oh lovely layouts...esp the funny face one! The coolest photos to scrap:-) heehee, supa cool!


  2. Ha ha!! The funny face ones are just as fun to scrap as the angelic ones :)

  3. Lovely l/os and I agree with Penny and Niella about the funny faces


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