Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mum's got a 'Cuttle Bugga'

You're probably all wondering if I've gone a bit insane with that title!!!... Here's the story: Several weeks ago when the Warehouse had a sale, my sisters and I decided to join forces (ie wallets) and get Mum a Cuttle Bug for her birthday. It was her birthday on Tuesday (21st) and we all rang her for her birthday etc and said she'd have to wait until Friday for her parcel since she was coming over here for dinner. Mum and Richard arrived and then went out for dinner... a fundraising event for Krystal's Venturers group. Krystal was waitressing for the night so they brought her home.

Once they got back and had a coffee etc we got down to presents. Richard (his birthday is just before Mum's) got his mini album 'Poppa & Me' and thought it was great. Then it was Mum's turn!

I handed over the big box and said that it was from all three of her 'loving daughters'. Richard took one look at the size of the box and said: "Its a Cuttle Bugga!"

So now Mum is the proud owner of one little green Cuttle Bugga! So was Mum pleased with her present???? Take a look at the photos and see for yourself:
Actually I'm quite impressed that Richard even knew what a 'Cuttle Bugga' was! Obviously Mum has been 'hinting' to him to get her one!!

That's Richard in the background... maybe he should get a job in marketing??? On second thoughts... maybe not!

While Mum was here last night she was having a bit of a 'look' around my craft room... that's the 'look' where you touch with your hands as well!!! Next thing I know she's got my camera and done this to my poor cat!

Poor Tequila (who is a boy... and already has 'issues' as Krystal puts it!) didn't really know what to do so he just sat still with the flower on his head for ages! I think all is forgiven now though because he's lying stretched out in front of a nice cozy fire :)

In other news... we've just completed another 'family' ATC swap. Auntie Daphne is getting quite hooked on them now :) She chose the theme for this swap - The Birds & the Bees! Mum and I got our ATC's back the other day and they are FABULOUS!!!

I've been wanting to do something 'cute' for a little while and I'd just picked up a few little stamps that will be perfect for making ATC's. Here's what I came up with:

I wanted to show a detail shot of this one too since there was lots of things happening on it... and since it's my blog I can! You'll have to get your OWN blog soon Mum!!! :)
Mum went with the Birds and the Bees song... you know... the one from the car advertisement... LOVE those adds!
When the ATC's arrived Mum rang me straight away and said: 'Daphne's got a cuttle bug!!!' When I got mine I found out how she knew:
Very nice work you guys!!! I'm totally thrilled with my little ATC collection!

It's been really fun doing ATC's with Mum & Auntie Daphne :) Mum's hosting the next swap and this weekend she's gone up to see Auntie Daphne so I'm waiting to hear what idea they come up with for the theme.

Well I hope you're all having a good weekend... it's back to school on Monday and I know there will be a lot of Mum's looking forward to getting the kids back into a routine again :)


  1. Love the Cutle Bugga! And I know some Mums who won't be pleased it's back to school. Love your family ATCs

  2. Cute kitty... and I love that his name is Tequila! Thats rad!
    My tabby is Madori - we both might have a similar drinking problems ;) hee hee

  3. hee hee! My son likes to do "cuttle bugging" as he calls it.


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