Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been a while...

I couldn't believe how much has happened since my last post... and I've got heaps I 'should' be uploading but today I want to share with you a wonderful project that I've been doing with a great groups of ladies from Scrapbook Dreams.

Back in October 2008 we started a Circle Journal and with 11 participants it's taken us quite a while to get our journals back.... but they were well worth the time and effort :)

I decided to make my album a tribute to 'Home' and what that means to different people. For some people it's the house they live in... or the people they live with. I also wondered what everyone found special about their homes or what they miss when they're away.

Here's the cover of my journal (it's a Love Elsie album that I bought at SENZ 2007):

Then comes the welcome page and the 'house rules'... I asked everyone to decorate a 'door tag' as their sign in along with creating a double page layout about what home means to them.

Then it was my turn to do a layout page. Home for me is all about my girls :) I love having them with me although I'm pretty sure I'll cope with the whole 'empty next' syndrome that is fast approaching too! I also wanted to put in my craft room because I spend so much time in there!

Then my album was off to Lee:

Next it was Tricia's turn:

Michelle was next:

Followed by Tracey:

Ngaere was the next to add her pages:

Followed by Jane:

Then it was Rangi's turn: Lianne came next:Followed by Esther:

And finally Beverley got a turn:

My sign out page made for great reading! I wrote: If you had to leave your house in a hurry and you could only take one item what would it be and why? p.s. You can assume that all of your family and pets are already safely outside!

Lots of people said they'd grab cameras, photos & handbags along with children's favourite toys/comforters!

Poor Esther forgot to 'sign out' but I'm heading down to see her in Wellington late next week so I'll take it with me!!

Of course I needed a back cover too:

And here's my finished album: Pretty impressive isn't it!! A BIG thank you to all the wonderful women who shared your homes and creativity with me... and I hope you all enjoy your journals as much as I am :)


  1. What a wonderful album. A real treasure has been created. Every time you look through it you will see something different or something you missed before. Fantastice.

  2. gorgeous lovely album Shell!! Wow..its finally home:-)


  3. That's just beautiful! I did one once which was titled "My Town" - I loved what everyone did

  4. Loved seeing my pages again Shell your little book was so cute and it was such great fun doing the circle journal with you thank you for organizing it so well.


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