Monday, September 28, 2009

Mikayla's found her passion!

Hi everyone :)

The holidays are off to a GREAT start! Krystal is feeling really creative so she's been working on her projects in the scrap room with me... it's been nice to spend some time together just chatting and laughing. I'm surrounded by kits I'm working on for Scrapbook Dreams and Mikayla has found her PASSION!

This weekend has been a BIG one for Mikayla! She's been learning heaps about sugar crafting and having a ball! Saturday was the first day of the course and she learnt how to make icing roses, flowers, leaves and wire them. When I went to pick her up she had HEAPS of 'elements' made and they looked pretty amazing. Then she came home and did her 'homework' making another 18 different bits and pieces. They were all white and I thought they looked pretty cool!

Today she went back for the second part of the course and when I went to pick her up I was completely blown away by what she'd done!! She had made an entire bouquet of flowers, coloured everything and put it together... to say I am IMPRESSED doesn't even begin to cover it!

Here's her finished bouquet:

Close up of the right hand side:

Close up of the left hand side:
See what I mean!! And to think she's not quite 15 years old yet! So far she's only had two lessons and then this course... imagine what she'll be doing in a years time!!

During the weekend the tutor made a rose as a demo and she decided to give it to someone for a prize. She picked a number and then went around asking people what there number was. Mikayla said she'd picked '17' but as the tutor came around the lady just before Mikayla picked 17 so Mikayla very quickly picked '15'... and the lucky number??? 15!!

Here's the rose Mikayla won:

I can't get over how life-like these sugar roses are! Simply gorgeous :)

The neat thing is that these sugar bouquets can literally last for YEARS if you look after them so I'm thinking about getting Mikayla a small glass cabinet that she can keep them in... they're definitely far too nice to eat!

It's Mikayla's birthday in October so my sisters and I have all decided to get Mikayla some tools for her crafting :) I'm sure she'll be creating gorgeous sugar creations all the time now.

Well done Mikayla! I'm so happy for you that you've found something you love to do! I wonder what you'll come up with for this years Christmas cake??


  1. beyond stunning ... OMG - flippin' sensational!!!

  2. They are awesome! What a talented daughter you have there!! :-D

  3. They really are beautiful. I think I still have the sugar flowers from my wedding more than 17 years ago ....... must look for them


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