Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scrapbooking classes @ Bookem

Hi everyone :)

Last Saturday I taught my first classes at Bookem (Tauranga).  It was a really full-on day too!!  Luckily I remembered to take my camera and got some great ‘working’ photos :)

The first class was creating two boys layouts involving a bit of doodling!  The ladies all seemed to enjoy learning some new techniques and were very pleased with their finished layouts.

Here’s a few photos from the morning session:

And here’s my layouts so you can see what they were creating – the first one is called ‘On a Mission’layout 1_1Lots of stamping on this one plus a little bit of doodling to get the idea.  Then we moved into the doodled layout called ‘moment’layout 2_1 The doodling was super easy to create with the use of Crafters Workshop templates!

After lunch we held a second class doing a little project called ‘More than just a card – Vintage Valentine’… and let’s just say that it was WAY MORE than just a card and took a lot longer than we expected!!

Here’s some of the photos taken during the class:

And here’s a few shots of my sample:IMG_3834As you can see there’s a bit of stamping and embossing in this project.IMG_3835  And what would a vintage project be without some lace, flowers and a hat pin?IMG_3836 And don’t forget about ribbon!  We also used lots of gorgeous graphic images :)  Here’s my personal favourite… the front cover:Front coverWe created a gorgeous flower out of sewing patterns along with a really groovy microscope slide!

A HUGE thank you to all the ladies who attended… the classes were pretty full!  I hope you all really enjoyed your projects and thanks for the lovely warm welcome… I really appreciate it!

Shell xx

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  1. WELL DONE YOU. Great having you in Tauranga :O)


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