Thursday, November 11, 2010

Senior Prize Giving 2010

Yesterday marked the end of an era… it was Krystal’s last high school prize giving.  As she said… “My next ‘prize giving’ will be when I graduate from university”!

There were a LOT of speeches and it seemed to go on forever… in fact the prize giving started at 1pm but they didn’t actually get to the awards part until 3pm!  It was worth it in the end though…  Miss Krystal walked away with two awards and she’s absolutely thrilled.


She got 1st place in Year 13 Accounting:


and Excellence in Year 13 Visual Arts Design:


This year they also gave all the Year 13 award winners a Whitcoulls voucher which Krystal was thrilled with:


After school we had to take her Visual Art folio board down to the courier along with her workbook as she’s hoping to get a scholarship toward uni – she won’t find out till January if she gets it but as they say “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”

Krystal has certainly put a lot of effort into her studies this year so it was great to see her so happy with the awards.  She has her first exam this Saturday, YES she has two exams on Saturdays this year! The final exam is in late November so although the prize giving is over and she doesn’t actually HAVE to go to school (apart from exams) she’ll still be spending the next couple of weeks in uniform.

Congrats Krystal… I’m really proud of you!


  1. Good on you Krystal, keep up the good work.

  2. Well done Krystal and good luck with the scholarship I'll keep my fingers crossed for you....

  3. Well done Krystal and keep working hard. Goodl luck for the Schol exams

  4. Well Done KRYSTAL!!!!!! Good Luck with your exams :O)


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