Monday, July 4, 2011

Birthday Girls

Last Monday Miss Sammy and I had our birthdays… Sammy’s 1st and my 21st (again!!!) LOL

Yesterday we had Sammy’s birthday party and there was a real feel of celebration in the air.  Mum asked me if she could get a few photos of the birthday girls together (and when I say a ‘few’ she means about 20!)

Here’s my favourite photo taken yesterday… it was a ‘good hair’ day!Sammy

And I love how Sammy appears to be talking to me in this one:Sammy 2

In the past few weeks I’ve discovered the joy of baking again and I’ve been making quite a few cupcakes.  My nieces in particular love them so I thought I’d try something different for Sammy’s birthday and here are the results:cupcakes

The best part was when my niece Kody said to me: ‘Auntie, you are the best cupcake maker EVER!  Talk about making me feel special :)

Just before I left she asked me if next time I could make her some ‘ballerina’ cupcakes and could I make Jessy some ‘monster’ ones… looks like I’m going to be making cupcakes for a while!


  1. Shell! What beautiful photos. Precious and priceless! I love the term Birthday Buddy! xoxo

  2. Awesome photo's Shell. WOW the cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous!!!Miss Kody recognises Talent that is for sure!!


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