Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 18th


Today Toby and I drove to Tauranga because ‘Animates’ had a Santa set up especially for fur babies!

I’m so pleased that Toby likes going in the car because it means he can come with me out of town!

Toby loved seeing Santa and he was so good in the shop.  The little dogs got to sit on Santa’s knee but at 22kg Toby was a bit big for that!  He sat up so proudly for his photo and then Santa gave him a treat!

We also visited Uncle Keith, Auntie Loreen, Onyx and Indie.  Then we went to see Grandma and Poppa.  Toby was one happy boy.

The last time we visited Uncle Keith and Auntie Loreen a couple of ago Toby  was just a little guy.  He was really interested in Onyx and Indie but didn’t really know what they were:


This time Toby was almost as big as them and he had a GREAT time playing with Onyx.  We put the two boys outside because they were being really boisterous and they played happily together… jumping up at each other… doing the butt sniffing thing… and running around.  Meanwhile Indie stayed inside with me and Loreen.  At one stage she looked at the boys outside and then looked at me as if to say… “Boys!” 

Happy scrapping xxx


  1. I just can't get over how big Toby is now! What a great idea to have Fur-Babies with Santa photos!

  2. It was so good to see you guys :)


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