Sunday, January 15, 2012

2nd January Challenge for Scrapbook Dreams

Hi everyone :)

I’ve got LOTS to share with you today so this is the first of three blog posts.

The mid-month sketch challenge at Scrapbook Dreams is up and it’s a double layout… which means double the reward points if you enter your layout into our January gallery! If you’re not into doing double layouts then there’s options for doing either the left or right side as well:)

Here’s the sketch:


I had so many photos from Toby’s first Christmas so this sketch was perfect for it! Here’s the full layout:


And here’s some close ups of the left and right side:


On the left side I included a letter from Toby about his first Christmas. It was actually lots of fun to write. Here’s ‘his’ view of his first Christmas:

How was your Christmas? I had a GREAT time!! On Christmas Eve Mumma hung my stocking the door and in the morning it was FULL of treats for me! That guy Santa must have lots of treats at his house because he left me 5 different sorts. The only problem was Mumma wouldn’t let me eat them all at once because she said I might make myself sick... sometimes she takes all my fun away!!

After I got TWO treats we went over to my Auntie Tracey and Uncle Hau’s house at Waihi Beach. Auntie Katey and Uncle Simon were there too and so were all the kids. I got to play with all my cousins and look at their toys. Mumma made a whole heap of decorated biscuits for my cousins so that I could give them a present... pretty cool aye!

Then we had to wait for Grandma to arrive... and she was taking a LONG time!! So, we went for a walk to the beach.... just me, Mumma, Aidan and Leila. I’d never been to the beach before and it was a bit scary for me. Did you know that the water comes in waves??? and that waves move in and out??? I like being NEAR the water but I’m not too confident about getting IN the water so it was all very confusing.

Then we went home and Grandma and Poppa arrived and we all got presents! I got some toys and some more treats!! I even unwrapped most of my parcels myself!!

Next we had some lunch... Auntie Tracey kept sneaking me little treats while Mumma wasn’t looking... and so did Uncle Hau.... and so did Grandma.... and so did the kids... and do you know what? That night I was SICK as a DOG!!! Poor Mumma was a bit worried about me but I was feeling fine after I’d been sick!

Anyway... back to lunch! There was ham... and chicken... and sausages... and sausage rolls... and bacon... and all sorts of other things! Everyone had their lunch and then Uncle Simon and Mumma took all the kids to the beach for a BIG walk. They had to be careful to make sure they brought all the right kids home and didn’t leave anyone behind but they did a good job.

When we got back from our walk Auntie Tracey had our pudding ready. I watched all the other kids getting ice cream and jelly and sprinkles and I thought that maybe she’d forgotten about me.... but then she gave me an ice cream in an ice cream cone!!! I was so hot and the ice cream was so cold... it was REALLY nice!

Then we all played some more before we got back in the car. Mumma had to drive all the way back home but I got to snore on the back seat!! I snored so loud that Mumma had to turn up the CD so that she could hear it properly because I was REALLY tired.

So that’s my layout for the challenge… Toby and I would love to see what you guys come up with!

Happy scrapping xx

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