Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life: Week 1

Hi everyone :)

I’ve had a huge amount of fun this week doing my Project Life pages. I’ve been using Photoshop HEAPS and learning what I can do with photo overlays. It’s added up to several hours on the computer but I’m feeling WAY more confident with it.

Here’s my spread for the week:Full_1

As you can see Mr Toby has featured quite a bit! I’m sure that will continue through the year. Here’s a better look at the left side:left_1

On Tuesday my sister, Katie, and my three little nieces came over to visit Auntie. We went out for lunch and the girls were absolutely fantastic. It was a great time to get some really relaxed photos while they weren’t so aware of the camera.

High on our list this week was Krystal’s move to her first flat over in Hamilton. Toby got used to sitting in the back with all the furniture surrounding him. They ‘payoff’ was that I took him to the Hamilton dog park. Toby REALLY doesn’t like getting in the water… unless it’s a warm bath… but Mikayla was determined that he was having a swim!

Here’s the right side:right_1

One of my PRIORITIES this week was to get the lawns done as soon as it stopped raining. Luckily I stuck to that because we’ve really only had one good day this week! That was the same day that Mr Toby dug his first HOLE! Was Mumma impressed?? Well… actually… I kind of was LOL Grandma was sure that Toby wasn’t to blame and sent him a quick email which promptly got added to a journaling card! Toby says “Thanks Grandma” xx

I added some more photos of Toby at the dog park… did a small journaling card about buying handmade cassis chocolates at the night market and also one about my PL page protectors arriving.

Just before Christmas my Dad put some money into my account so that I could get myself something. He’s done this for the last few years and I’ve been slowly buying things for the kitchen. This week I popped into Briscoes and scored a GREAT bargain on a new frying pan. Thanks Dad xx

I want to keep adding little bits of creativity to my PL album this year. Here’s this weeks piece:creativity_1

The background is Tim Holtz tissue wrap which I mod-podged onto white cardstock before going around the edges with black paint. The letters were white foam ones that quickly got the paint treatment too and I added a red die cut star that was sitting on my table. I made the date strip using Photoshop which I printed out and stuck down with the tiny attacher… yep still loving my latest gadget!

So that is Week 1 done… I’m really happy with it!

And now to announce the winner of the giveaway!

It’s hard to believe, but there’s been 57 views on the blog since I put up the giveaway and just three comments so here’s what I’m doing. I rolled a dice… which Toby loved and tried to run away with!!!… and it landed on a 1 which means that the giveaway goes to Vicki :)

Since there were just three comments, I wanted to say thank you to Loreen and Esther too so I’m going to make both of you a ‘Life Love Joy’ card as well.

Let me know what colour scheme you’d all like for your cards ladies and Vicki could you also let me know which paper pad you’d like :)

Wishing everyone a good start to their week xx


  1. I am so loving the journaling directly on your photos Shell! So professional!!
    I still find it hard to believe that you are using staples of any size! Never thought I would see that day. lol. xoxo

  2. Now thats made my day, thank you so much. Beach Babe would be great and as for the colours, well I've got a thing for red and black so what you have already done looks fantastic. I love the overlays on your photos and thinking that photoshop just might have to be my next step. Aren't dog parks great - we love it as much as Brody. LOL.

  3. Loooove what you have done and your December Daily!!
    Need to take pics of mine and get them up or before i know it it will be Christmas 2012,lol!
    Happy New Year.

  4. Hi doll, I'll let you choose what colours you want to do for me :)


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