Saturday, March 31, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 13

I’m late with this weeks layout for Log Your Memory … it’s been a hard prompt to get my head around this week. 

I was talking on the phone with Mum last night and she asked about why I hadn’t posted it on my blog yet and I told her I hadn’t actually created the layout yet as the prompt was proving a bit challenging. 

She asked what the theme was and I responded ‘Your Social Calendar’ at which point she laughed (not in an unkind way) and said… “But you don’t have a social life”… which was exactly what I struggled with!!!

After looking through some of the questions that come with each weeks’ prompt I saw there was one that asked… "’What kinds of social activities do you experience at this stage in your life?’  All of a sudden I knew how I wanted to approach the prompt and here is the result:Week 13

I work at a school with over 500 students… 23 other teachers and lots of support, administration and other staff members and by the end of the day I often feel ‘peopled out’.

Add to this, running local classes and retreats for Scrapbook Dreams which I totally love… and enjoy the social aspect of… but again lots of people.

I’ve never been a social butterfly.  I’ve always been happy to do something quietly with a small group…. and I’m finding that in the last couple of years I’m struggling to hear things clearly when there is too many people or too much background noise around.

I’m perfectly happy with my social life… it suits me… it allows me to connect with those that I care about. 

Happy socialising everyone :)


  1. Thats a good prompt and I think you have explained it well. Am not a social butterfly either and much prefer my quiet days at home with no one in the house (finally) LOL

  2. A layout worth waiting for! I would probably be a social butterfly if I wasn't so damn tired all the time, lol. And, in saying that you are not one - you are jolly hard to get hold of some days! xoxo


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