Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 14

This week at Log your Memory and prompt is all about your name and name badges you wear.

When my sisters and I were born Mum had wanted to call us Kelly, Teresa and Marina… thank goodness Dad got his way because we’re Shelley, Tracey and Kathryn!

Unfortunately for Mum (who doesn’t like shortened names) we’re often called Shell, Trac and Katey!

These days it’s mostly just my parents and one of my sisters who calls me Shelley.  The rest of the time I’m known as Shell… especially in the scrapbooking world!

Obviously the girls call me ‘Mum’ and Toby calls me ‘Mumma’ :)  I guess one day I’ll be adding “Nan” to the list too but hopefully that’s a long way off!!

I LOVE being ‘Auntie Shelley’… it’s one of my favourite roles in life. 

Here’s my layout for this week:Week 14

When I first started teaching at Selwyn I was known as ‘Ms Honig’ which was a whole different role in my life.  The only downside was that I’m the only Honig in the local phone book so I used to have parents (and children) phone me up on the weekends or when I was trying to cook dinner.

I left Selwyn and went to work at a couple of other schools before returning to Rotorua and Selwyn again.  When I came back I decided to be ‘Whaea Shelley’ which I really like.  The upside for me is that almost all of the kids and parents have no idea what my last name is so the phone calls don’t happen anymore.

I bet there’s lots of you out there, who are like me, and wear lots of different hats with various names attached to them. 

Have a great week everyone xx


  1. I like your name for the classroom. I would never have even thought to ring a teacher at their home and amazes me that you had that. Maybe I'm getting old. LOL

  2. Another awesome page Shell :) I have been plain old Esther all my life. I hated my name as a youngster because it was just so different from everyone else but as an adult, I don't mind it so much. I have never had a nick-name that has stuck either (not an invitation to come up with one, by the way.) xoxo


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