Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 21

Yes I’m back again!  This time I’ve got my Project Life post for Week 21.

When I put my pages together this week I realised that there are a LOT of words.  Clearly I’ve had plenty to say this week LOL

Here’s my spread for the week:Full_1

I’ve had a brilliant week at school.  We’ve been doing science experiments this term and the one we did on Monday was great!  It involved balloons, water and flames and had the kids totally gobsmacked which was funny to see.  We’re half way through the term now and there’s still so much I want to get through.

Here’s a look at the start of this week:Left_1

We also did some really wonderful autumn artwork and poetry.  The kids enjoyed doing their painted backgrounds using scrunched up newspaper for our brushes… and the best part was that at the end of the lesson we simply screwed up all the soggy newspaper and threw it in the bin… no paintbrushes to wash!

Mr Toby has been on an eating frenzy too!  I came home to find that he’d somehow managed to get my red bra (the only coloured one I own!) and chew it… there were little bits of red everywhere and Mumma was not happy about it!

Something that did make me happy this week was watching Masterchef on Tuesday night!  It’s getting quite exciting as we get closer to the final and I’m glued to my sofa every Tuesday night watching it.

Plus I’ve discovered that I can save $13.95 ordering my contact lenses online versus ringing through my order by phone… that’s a great saving!

Here’s the second half of my week:Right_1

I’m really enjoying books this year!  I’ve discovered a couple of new authors that I like and I’ve been really galloping through them.  Krystal introduced me to Cayla Kluver’s writing and it’s phenomenal!  She writes incredibly well and I’ve now read two of her books that form a trilogy… the third book is due out in November.  What’s really amazing is that Cayla is only 20 years old!  She’s got a great future ahead of her!!!

You might have noticed the photo of Tauranga hospital.  Mum was at work on Wednesday and doing all the usual things she does when she had horrendous pain through her chest.  They thought she may have been having a heart attack but thankfully it wasn’t.  She’s actually pulled a big muscle right through her chest.    I did a quick trip to Tauranga Hospital on Thursday afternoon to make sure she was alright and was pleased to find her sitting up in bed with a magazine… although she did have several needle marks in her from all their testing.

When I was talking to Krystal yesterday morning she said that she wouldn’t be surprised if it had have been stressed because she gets stressed running around uni and going to work and “Grandma is THREE TIMES my age” LOL  We also talked about how much Mum weighs… or in her case how little she weighs… and Krystal’s instant response was… “It’s just not right Mum!  Tell her to eat a burger!”  I won’t tell you how much Mum weighs but I will say that she is the only person I know who weighs less than her age!!!

I’ve got a little someone to introduce you to this week.  Meet possum:Daphne's Opossum_1

I grew up hearing the saying that the only good possum was a dead one… but this one is stunning!  Besides, she doesn’t have a mouth so she can’t eat anything that she shouldn’t!  Possum is actually a hand puppet that Auntie Daphne made herself.  I was quite taken with it when I saw the photo Mum had but last night I actually got to meet Possum and she has lots of expression!!!  Toby was very enthralled with Possum too and Auntie Daphne, Possum and Toby spent quite a bit of time talking to each other!

Here’s my little bit of creativity for the week:Creativity_1

After having a couple of eventful weeks I thought I’d put it out to the universe that a bit of love and laughter was needed in my household… in other words… enough with the dramas!!! 

Auntie Daphne, I hope you had a great trip over to Tauranga and that you can get that mother of mine sorted out please!  Thanks for visiting… hugs from me and Toby!  xx

I hope you have a great week everyone xx


  1. Some weeks are like with a lot of words. Hope your mum is feeling better now - we are having our own hospital dramas down here too with my FIL. I think my MIL needs a burger or two as well. LOL

  2. LOL - Fancy you having a lot to say :) It's good to get so much in writing Shell! Not something I am very good`at. So glad your Mum is ok. xoxo

  3. Hope your mum is feeling better Shell. Those kids at your school are so lucky to have you as a teacher, what fab stuff you do with them.. Ohhh I love that Possum, does Aunty sell them by any chance?
    looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks..


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