Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project Life: Beginnings, Endings and Week 27

Hi everyone :)

Beginnings and endings sounds very profound and exciting doesn’t it??  I’d love to tell you that something interesting has happened… but in reality it hasn’t.  It’s just that my Project Life album has gotten really full over the past 6 months so I decided to get a second album for the rest of the year.

Those that know me will know that I don’t like ‘blank spaces’ very much so I decided to do something fun with the last page in the album I’ve just finished and this is what I came up with:Endings_1

My page is dedicated to a variety of artwork… mostly sculpture.  I’m always amazed by the talented artists and craftspeople around so I thought I’d like to have some of those wonderful artworks in my album… and it seemed like a nice way to finish off the first six months of 2012.

Of course as one album ends another one begins and I wanted something interesting and meaningful for my first page.  So far 2012 has been a year with lots of changes… some specifically because of Project Life:Beginnings_1

Project Life really has changed my life!  I’ve found since I started doing this weekly project that I’m more positive.  I’m constantly looking at the small details that fill my days and weeks.  One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s the small things that make my life happy. 

I’ve discovered that I quite like routines… something that I’ve always been adverse to!  I’m more thankful for what I have… I’m less stressed… and my One Little Word for 2012 (Priorities) is part of my life in a very real way.

So now onto this week… of course it’s school holidays which means that I can work from home… but it also means that I can do some things that I normally couldn’t.  Here’s a look at this weeks pages:Full_1

At the beginning of the week I headed over to see my sister and her family.  I’d promised my nephews and niece that I’d take them to the ‘pancake place’ for lunch. 

On the day I left my sister rang me to ask if I could be to her place by 3pm because Mr 4-years-old wanted Auntie to pick him up from day care.  I made sure to get there on time and when I walked through the door he rushed to greet me… I really did feel the love!

Here’s a closer look at the start of my week:Left_1

I was outside looking at my sister’s lemon tree and noticed that quite a few of them had been de-skinned.  Apparently she’s been making up stories for the kids about giants coming and stealing the skins… which the kids love!  In actual fact it’s birds that are responsible!  I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

Getting back to the ‘pancake’ thing… it bucketed down the night that I arrived at my sisters and her garage flooded.  There was torrential rain everywhere!  When we went to the pancake place it was closed and their entire front lawn was completely under water.  We of course had to go somewhere else for lunch and when Reece’s hot dogs and chips arrived he looked at me with a VERY serious face and said: “This is NOT a pancake Auntie”.  I had to capture the memory but I’m sure hoping their back in business for my next trip to see him!!!

I’ve been doing some reading these holidays too… and visiting shops that I normally don’t have time to visit because they’re always closed when I go past.

As for all the Toby paw prints on the window… all I can say is… OOPS!

The second half of my week has been just as eventful:Right_1

On Friday I went over to Hamilton to the Dunkley’s craft show.  It’s been ages since I’ve been to one of their shows but I had a purpose!!  I had to get two possum puppet kits… one for me and one for my good buddy Brenda! 

You might remember when Auntie Daphne came to visit and brought her possum puppet with her… well he was so gorgeous I decided I ‘needed’ one for me… then I got a call from Brenda and she said that she really wanted one too!  It was perfect timing actually because I’ll be catching up with her at SENZ next weekend :)

After going to the craft show I went around to Krystal’s and waited for Mum and Richard to arrive.  Several months ago Mum invited me and Krystal to go and see the production of Oliver and Friday night was the show.

We all went out for dinner thanks to a ‘Treat Me’ voucher Krystal found for me online.  Yummy wood-fired pizzas along with some chips and aioli.  Super yummy!!

It was the final night of Oliver last night and I’m sure it was as good as Friday’s show.  The acting was fantastic!!  The singing was brilliant and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.  We all had such a good time.  I’m so pleased Mum invited us to go because it was a really wonderful night out.

I managed to keep my ticket from the show and include it in this weeks piece of creativity too:Creativity_1

So that’s been my week… some Auntie time… family time… a craft show and Oliver!  It’s been a great week!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you all have a wonderful week xxx


  1. Wow go you. Not sure if I'm quite up to a new album yet but have needed two for the past couple of years. I love how PL makes to see all the small things that happen in your day/weeks too. You enjoy your catchup with Brenda.

  2. Wow what a spread... Aww Shell Thankyou for getting me a Possum kit my boys are going to love it i just know it. aha a Possum party?? well hey you never know what might happen.. Love all your pics sounds like you have had a great week..xx

  3. So lovely reading and catching up with online friends! I am so impressed that you are doing PL!

    And I have loved the school holidays - just relaxing and doing a bit of scrapping


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