Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 35

Hi everyone :)

This is the final theme for the ‘Personal Space’ section of Log your Memory.  There were quite a few ideas for this week but the one that really inspired me was the question: “What special touches or favourite items make your home uniquely yours?”

Sometimes when you come home to the same space every day you actually start to ‘overlook’ some of those things… and yet they are often the first things you notice in someone else’s home. 

I used to have lots of framed photos around my home but right now I have just three… one of me and my sisters, one of the girls when they were younger and one of my boy Toby.  It’s not just photos though that make our homes special… it’s often the little touches… the personal things and the mementos of things we’ve done and places we’ve been.

Here’s my layout for this prompt:Week 35 There were so many things I could have chosen to include in this weeks layout… like the welcome sign Mum painted for me when she was learning how to do folk art:welcome sign

… or the pair of camels I made completely by hand stitching… no sewing machine used at all!claude and claudia

… or the wooden wine box my sister gave me… or the little ornaments my step-dad gave me before he died… or the rocks with painted koru patterns made by some Intermediate children I taught years ago… the list goes on.

For me the important thing is that these things are important to me… they represent different parts of my life and people who have come into my life for various reasons. 

If you’re a scrapbooker, have you thought about doing a layout about the things in your own home that make it uniquely your own?  Go on… I dare you!

Hope you’re having a good week xxx

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