Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 47

Hi everyone :)

I’m so pleased that you can’t hear everything that’s going on right now… the washing machine is on it’s spin cycle and my Cameo is sitting right beside me busily cutting out more elephant things for school and Toby is outside greeting the morning … and every other dog in the neighbourhood… it’s all combined to make quite a ruckus!

The theme at Log your Memory this week is all about tools, supplies and packaging.

As with anything, if you start a hobby you need tools or equipment.  My garage has a multitude of tools… some for gardening, some for DIY projects and some for restoring furniture.  I really love tools so going to Bunnings is a happy time for me.

It was the same thing when I started getting into making cupcakes.  At first I just wanted the pretty cupcake cases… then I needed a good icing set… and then I needed some new nozzles to create different effects.  Next came the different sprinkles and decorations.  I now have an entire cupboard completely dedicated to my cupcake making supplies!

Here’s my layout for this week:Week 47

I can clearly remember when I started scrapbooking.  I had a couple of white pieces of paper, a few stickers, a pair of scissors and a ruler.  My oh my how things change!

These days I have a huge variety of tools but I can honestly say that I use them all… maybe not all of them all the time… but I do use them!

Having a good guillotine is essential (for me anyway).  Several years ago I bought myself my big guillotine on Trade Me and it’s wonderful.  It never needs sharpening… it cuts through really thick chipboard and everything else cleanly and the measurements are in both metric and imperial.  My small guillotine is an absolute must have for me… I use it ALL the time!

Along with that I’ve got my Cuttlebug and everything that goes with it…. embossing folders galore and a multitude of dies.

My Crop-o-dile and Score it All probably get used the least… but when I need them they’re right there.  I love using the Score it All when I’m making cards and books.

As most of you know I LOVE ink and for the longest time I couldn’t get my technique right using the ink blending tool… it just didn’t seem to work for me and then I went to a weekend class and the tutor showed me what I was doing wrong!  One little adjustment and away I went…. LOVE using them now and have acquired several of them LOL

As for my Silhouette… simply love it!  I love that I can share cutting files with my friends… I love that I can purchase designs super cheaply… and I love that I can take a pic off the internet and turn it into a cutting file!

Just recently I was looking for a ‘shade tree’ for our elephant art at school.  I found this awesome picture of a stencil using Google images:


Then I imported it into my Silhouette and traced it to create a cutting file.  The next step was to cut it out and then we used the ‘negative’ image as a stencil.  Here’s how we used it:IMG_3306_1

The finished pieces were then used as a border on our wall display… pretty eye catching!

So there you have it… in my personal opinion, tools are there to be enjoyed… whatever the job may be!

I hope you have a wonderful week xxx


  1. A great layout this week Shell! You sure are making full use of that Cameo!! Am I allowed to say "told ya so"? xoxo

  2. Oh wow who knew the cameo could do all that - you just might have to be my "go to" person. LOL. We have a Bunnings through the alley way and across the road - would that be close enough for you??? ROFL


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