Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Log your Memory: Week 48

Hi everyone :)

Today’s prompt is all about games and puzzles.  Much to my sisters’ frustration I used to play hockey ‘just for fun’ while they were both competitive… but when it comes to board games and puzzles I definitely play to win!

Our family used to play lots of board games.  Mum taught us the fundamentals of snakes and ladies when we were quite young and there were always board games and cards somewhere around. 

We used to quite enjoy horrible, wet weekends sitting around the dining table playing games and doing puzzles so that’s probably where it all began for me.

One Christmas holidays my parents borrowed my Auntie’s bach and we went away for a week… we did have a couple of days of nice weather and then the rain set in… and it rained and rained and rained some more.  Dad spent some time with me teaching me how to play draughts and to this day it’s one of my favourite games.

He also taught me how to play Conquian pronounced (Coon Can) and I can still remember the very first time I was able to beat Dad!  Later on in my life my ex-husband and I used to play a LOT of 500 and it’s one of my favourite card games.

Here’s this weeks layout:Week 48

One thing my parents always did was play by the rules and you had to win fair and square… there was no ‘advantages’ because we were kids.  I’ve raised my girls the same way.  We ALWAYS play by the rules and if we win it’s because we deserved it and outplayed the others.  At times it was hard to do but it’s taught my girls to be humble when they win and a good sport when they lose.

When my girls were both in primary school a friend of mine babysat for me one night and she brought around her game of Rummikub and the girls loved it.  They went on and on about this new game so in the end I bought it and within just one or two games I was completely hooked!  It was a great way to learn strategies and see patterns and we could play for several hours at a time.

I’ve actually got the junior version of Rummikub in my class and we only play it on wet lunchtimes.  We’ve had class championships and it’s a real favourite with the kids.

I still love playing board games but these days I tend to spend more time playing computer games.  I actually love the challenge of getting the ‘perfect score’ or beating my time and I’ve got quite a few favourites.

Now that my nieces and nephews are getting a little bit older I can see more happy hours of board games ahead of me :)

So that’s it from me.  I’ll be back on Saturday to show off my December Daily album I’m working on and to do my 100th post for the year!

I hope you’re all having a great week xx


  1. Although we have lots of board games they tend to sit in the cupboard now. The kids always argued!! We do have our favourites which are quick - can't be bothered with long drawn out games. LOL. Love playing Mah Jong on the computer. :)

  2. Unbelievable Shell - My Dad taught me how to play draughts - and Coon Can (I never knew the correct way to spell it) Haven't played it for a million years so guess what we'll have to do next time we catch up. I even have our original family draught set. Have a great rest of the week.


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