Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Daily: Dec 14

Hi everyone :)

Well the 2012 school year is over for me… and I’m pretty happy to have more time available to catch up on some of my projects!

Since we had most of the class packed up already we watched the movie ‘Matilda’ on the big screen in my classroom and basically just hung out together not doing a lot… I still had 15 children at school yesterday!

Here’s my journaling for the day:Dec 14 journal copy_1

When we were kids we always put the Christmas tree up the day after school finished… and I carried on that tradition with my girls when they were little.  I’d been talking about it over the past couple of weeks and Dougal had clearly been listing… I swear that boy has super-sonic hearing! 

When I got home I was super tired and I actually had a sleep in the afternoon with Toby cuddled up beside me… he has NO idea how much heat he produces when he sleeps right beside me!!!

When I woke up I could hear things tinkling and rustling and I knew someone was up to mischief and sure enough there was Dougal trying to get into the ornaments!

Here’s my photos for the day:Dec 14 photos copy_1

Unfortunately for him the tree is actually going up until tomorrow because Mikayla has said she’d like to be a part of it this year and she’s working today. 

I think the boys will be happy later though because I’ve decided that I’m going to thread popcorn garlands to decorate the tree… I’m expecting that there will be popcorn EVERYWHERE by the time we’re finished!

I’ve got lots of projects that I’m working on at the moment so I’m expecting to be kept quite busy from now until Christmas… still it’s all part of the festive season!

Have a great day xx

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