Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily: Dec 19

Hi everyone :)

Yesterday turned out to be a highly creative day… and it was fantastic!  It was one of those days where everything creative goes right and it all turns out better than you imagined in your head! 

I’ve always wanted to know what sparks off a day like that and this time I know exactly what did it… I received a really lovely card from my friend Vicki in the mail and BOOM away went the ideas!  Don’t ask me how Vicki’s card sparked the particular ideas I had… cause it’s hard to explain… I just know that it did LOL

Here’s my journaling about the day:Dec 19 Jouranl copy_1

It’s true… I really have been thinking about my Santa obsession… as I walked into Mitre 10 Mega yesterday there was a huge Santa just inside the doorway and before I knew it I was standing beside him patting his arm!  As soon as I realised I backed away really quickly… imagine if one of the kids in my class had seen me!

Perhaps it’s my interest in Santa that has rubbed off on Dougal because he’s always sitting and watching the Santa on the top of the tree… or perhaps he’s like one of those toys that comes to life when the adults aren’t around… I haven’t figured it out yet and Dougal isn’t saying much about it!

Here’s my photos for the day:Dec 19 phtos copy_1

I’m having an absolute blast with my creativity right now… in fact I woke up at 1am and had to do a bit more before I could go back to sleep! 

I promise to reveal the finished products tomorrow… but until then I hope you have a wonderful creative day xx


  1. So, should I send you a card more often then??? LOL. Did you see my new Santa on my latest blog post?? He's gorgeous. :)

  2. Hmmm - scrabble tiles and dry oasis? The mind boggles! Can't wait for tomorrow's post! xx

  3. I also have a Santa collection - I SO believe in his magic. If I did not I would get underwear for Christmas. If Dougal's cousin decides to visit Canada for Christmas, he would have to bring the snow, so far we in southern Ontario have been having a milder than normal season with rain, not snow BUT weather can change so quickly. Looking forward to seeing your creative surge. :-)


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