Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Daily: Dec 22

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s really not long to go now… and I’m happy to report that I’ve finally done my Christmas shopping!  I’ve been putting it off because quite frankly the idea of being in crowds of people and waiting in queues does nothing for me!  You most definitely won’t see me at the Boxing Day sales!!!

It was a glorious day here yesterday and Toby and I spent quite a while playing in the backyard.  The grass is still long but it’s mostly grass seed heads and dandelions so it was quite fun to play in.

I’ve almost finished the second book in the ‘50 Shades’ trilogy and still really enjoying it.  The second book seems to have more of a story too it and I’m zooming through it!

When I went to do this blog post I realised that ‘Mr Magpie’ aka Dougal had been playing around in Photoshop and there is now red glitter on my pages… that boy sure does love sparkly things!

Here’s my journal page (with glitter border):Dec 22 - journal copy_1

For some reason it was really quiet in town last night… maybe everyone is finished their Christmas shopping… or maybe they were just resting for the onslaught today!  Whatever the reason, Mikayla and I got all the groceries done in super fast time so I decided to risk going to do my Christmas shopping and it paid off!  Nice quiet shops… no queues… and I got everything on my list!

I even managed to score the last box of the Christmas lights I wanted… and they were less than half price!  See Mum there is something to be said for procrastination!

When I got home it wasn’t the present that Dougal was after… it was the lights!  The moment I turned my back he had that box open and was trying to pull them out!

Here’s my photos from the day… again with glitter!Dec 22 photos copy_1

You saw what a tangle he got in with 3 metres of sparkly ribbon… imagine what he could do with 300 lights!!! I very firmly informed him that the lights were for next year… closed the box… and put them away on a high shelf.

The end result was that Dougal spent most of the night sulking under the Christmas tree! By bedtime I felt like it was ME who should be sitting in the naughty corner!!!

Today is Project Life day so I’ll be back later with an update… have a great day everyone xx

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  1. We struck it a bit quiet yesterday too, mind at 11pm was it any wonder. ROFL. Been looking at more lights for the outside of the house but with all the sales on they are getting few and far between. :)


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