Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December Daily: Dec 24

Hi everyone :)

Christmas is finally here but I don’t want to say too much about it today… but I will tell you that the boys were up EARLY and checking out their Santa Stocking!!  They’re all smiles at the moment and waiting to get in the car to go to Grandma’s house :)

On Christmas Eve I finally got my gingerbread house done and thankfully I took some photos of it straight away because within ten minutes the whole roof had sagged and caved in!  High humidity does not work with biscuits and icing setting!

We did find a good Christmas special on TV to watch… Michael Bublé’s Christmas show.  The boys loved seeing Elmo!!  They got quite excited about it actually!  I really enjoyed Rod Stewart and Blake Shelton’s performances so we were all happy to sing along.

Here’s my journaling for the day:Dec 24 journal copy_1

Last night Dougal wanted some help with his spelling because he was writing a letter Santa for him and Toby.  I thought it was lovely that Dougal included Toby in his letter… and Toby obviously thought so too because he let Dougal share his stocking!

Here’s my photos for the day:Dec 24 - photos copy_1

They hung their stocking up on the lounge door and finally settled down for the night.  They did get quite excited about 1.30.  I think they thought they’d heard Rudolph’s hooves but it was actually their big sister Krystal arriving home!  Of course they both had to get up and have some cuddles and chats with her!

I think the boys are going to need a little nap this afternoon because they’ve only had a couple of hours of sleep… actually I think I might have to join them!

So that’s it for today… from me and the boys we wish you all a very merry Christmas and we hope that Santa gives you the treats you hope for.

Merry Christmas xx

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  1. Merry Christmas Shell. Hope Dougal got something sparkly. LOL. Brody is over it all and been hiding in our wardrobe - he's not a fan of crackers and party poppers going off. LOL


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