Friday, January 25, 2013

Feel Good Fridays: Week 4

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s Friday again!  The week sure has gone fast!  Today marks an ending for me… the end of my summer holidays!  It’s ok though because quite honestly I think I’m ready to head back to school… although, ask me in a weeks time and I’ll probably tell you different!

Today I have my first ‘Teacher Day’ meeting with the senior team for our first planning meeting of the year.  I’ve done the things I’m supposed to do so it will be good to see what is next on the agenda.

In preparation for today I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the telephone… either talking or texting and it made me think back to when I was a little girl growing up on the farm.

Back then we were on a ‘party line’ which meant that several people all used the same telephone.  You certainly didn’t have ‘private’ conversations on the phone because you could never be sure who else was listening. 

When you think of how caught up everyone is with the ‘privacy laws’ it’s hard to believe that party lines ever existed!

This week I’m dedicating my layout to the humble telephone… what would we do without them?

week 4 copy_1

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend xx


  1. Fantastic Layout Shell - you find the best photo's on the net!!!
    I find my cell phone useful but I am just not that attached to it. I often leave home without it and text messages often get missed and/or go unanswered. I'm just not that into it. The landline, however, can be a different story, as you well know lol. xoxo

  2. This week has gone fast! I'm ready for the boy to go back to school now too even though he's not. :)

  3. I know what I'd do without mine.... Get more work done. LOL Wonderful photos. I love old things..


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