Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More work on the canvas–LOTS of photos!

Hi everyone :)

Last night I spent several happy hours working on my canvas while I watched TV.  I’m not usually much of a TV viewer but since I had something to work on I was quite happy… and the time flew by!  I vaguely remember Mikayla coming home from work and going to bed and before I knew it the time said 11pm!

I’m taking lots of ‘progress’ photos  because this is the first time I’ve done a canvas like this and I’m sure if I don’t take photos I’ll never be able to remember the steps that I did!

Yesterday I mentioned that I thought I might put some muslin around Mikayla to soften up that area and so that’s where I started from.


Then I decided that I might as well put some around the quote as well… actually I just love the muslin and the effect it gives!


I made sure to bring the muslin over the edges as well.


You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photos… the curtains were drawn and the lights were going so that photos aren’t the best.

Here’s one of the canvas with all the muslin attached.


I let that all dry while I had dinner… see Mum I DID remember to have some food!!  Actually I cooked myself a really healthy pasta dinner with chorizo, bacon and chicken.

After dinner I decided to add some thick cord that I’d had stashed away… I can’t actually remember what I was going to do with it originally but it was perfect for this project.  I dunked the whole length into the pot of mod podge and then pulled it out and adhered it randomly around the canvas.




As the cord was drying I kept pushing it down in place just to make sure it was really stuck and it seemed to work well!

Since I’m after lots of texture for this canvas I went through my stash of ribbons and lace and found some cool stuff to use.

This lace was left over from when I did a layout about my parents wedding day.  It’s pretty expensive at $15/metre but I figure that I might as well use it since that was all I had left!


I curled the top of the lace over to the edge and it looks pretty neat that way too.


I’m sure you’ve noticed the little bit of red/burgundy on the canvas… that’s some really heavy brocade trim that I totally love and the pattern is gorgeous so I decided to add some bits of the canvas.


As you can see I also added some ‘cobweb’ lace too… that stuff has great texture.

I also added some lace around the bricks to kind of make a window effect and there is some other ruched ribbon and laces added too.  By the time I’d done all that it was way past my bedtime so I left the canvas overnight to dry.  I wasn’t sure if I’d stuck everything down well enough… but considering how much mod podge I went through it should have been enough!

This morning I checked out the fully dried canvas and it’s FANTASTIC!  I really wanted to show you how it looks before I head onto the next step so I took the canvas outside and the early morning light wasn’t too bad… so here’s my canvas at 6.30am






So now it’s ready for the next step… not going to tell you what that is but if you check back later on today I’m sure I’ll be able to show you :)

Happy Tuesday everyone xx

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  1. Well now I want to see what you are going to do next. LOL. Looking great. :)


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