Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My first digital challenge

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been receiving the Designer Digitals newsletter for a LONG time and although I’ve seen the challenges they do I’ve never taken part… until now!

Last week a new template challenge went up and the design really caught my eye.  Here’s a picture of the template provided by Katie Pertiet:


As most of you know, I went to visit my niece and nephew last Saturday and while I was there the kids were in a really playful mood and wanted to do some crazy poses for the camera.  I turned the viewfinder around on my camera so that they were actually watching themselves as we took the photos… super fun!

So in the spirit of learning new things and giving it a go I decided to jump in the deep end and go for it.  Here’s the layout I came up with:Crazy Fun copy_1

I love how the template reflects the crazy moments we had together!  The funny thing is that I’m not a huge fan of ‘white space’ on my traditional scrapping layouts but when I did this digital one I really wanted the white space to ‘balance’ everything out!

I was a bit nervous about putting my layout up in their gallery - you have to be a member but it’s free to join!   Anyway I uploaded it and I’m so pleased I did because the positive feedback from the other members has been awesome!

I’m so pleased the I ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’!


  1. Hi Shell! Really love what you did with the template. especially the circle title. And your framed 'words' are turning out great. Hope to see your wall when it is finished.

  2. Love to what you come up with using Photoshop Shell! You are getting a bit clever in your old age, lol

  3. I'm thinking you are getting pretty clever too. Its a big step putting your work out there in a new place for the first time. Good for you.

  4. Fabulous photo's and love what you have done Awesome Girl...


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