Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Life: Week 7 and a BIG event!

Hi everyone :)

So much has happened this week and to be honest I could have filled three double layouts quite easily with all the photos I have taken since Monday.  Quite a while ago Mum nicknamed Toby ‘The Weasel’ when he appeared in the blog… and this week he seems to have weaseled his way into quite a lot of the photos!

Here’s an overview of the week:Full copy_1

On Sunday night Krystal arrived home for a few days.  Toby came with me to pick her up from the bus and he was super excited when he saw her.

Toby spent most of the week following Krystal around and he never missed an opportunity to snuggle up with her… including hopping into bed with her on Monday morning!

One thing that Toby is not particularly enjoying at the moment is the afternoon heat.  We’ve been turning the fan on in the afternoon and Toby makes a beeline for where it’s blowing and stretches out for an afternoon nap.

Here’s a close-up of the start of the week:Left copy_1

While Krystal was home she gave me a LOT of help at school… she worked as a Teacher-Aide, supervised children who needed to get caught up on tests and she also helped me organise and decorate my classroom… including us working through to 9pm on Tuesday night!

Since we were working so many hours we had both KFC and Moroccan iskender for dinner.  Toby was thrilled to bits when Krystal shared and left-over potato and gravy with him!

Mikayla hasn’t gone back to polytech yet (apparently her course doesn’t start again until March 11th) but she hasn’t completely forgotten about it because this week three new corsets turned up on the courier.  Corsets are something that Mikayla really loves!

right copy_1

Toby LOVES the camera!  He actually knows the sound of the camera bag opening… he also knows the sound of the camera taking a photo!  I was trying to get a photo of Krystal while she was here and the minute Toby heard the camera he came running out to the lounge to ‘sit’ for a photo.

On Thursday night we had our first night class for 2013 and it was a fun night playing with ink sprays.  Sue knows to bring her gloves just in case we do messy things and she does get a bit of a hard time from all of us but by the end of the night she’s always the only one with lovely clean hands.

In Room 4 we’re doing a statistical investigation in our math lessons and the kids were working solidly and with great team work so I grabbed some photos while they were busy.

You might have noticed my colourful cupcakes… I was super proud of them because I’ve never done multi-coloured icing before but look at these babies:IMG_6286_1

I can’t quite believe it but my youngest nephew celebrated his 5th birthday on Friday.  He had a wonderful party with his day care friends and then a family and friends party yesterday.  Of course we took HEAPS of photos so I’ve put them together into a 6 x 12 insert.

Here’s the front of the insert which has the bouncy castle and present opening:

insert front copy_1

Not surprisingly the rest of the insert is all about FOOD!  My sister created a wonderful afternoon tea for all the kids and their parents and she also made an amazing birthday cake which Reece was completely stoked with!

insert back copy_1

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day for Reece!  He’ll actually be going to the same school his older brother and sister attend so hopefully he’ll have an awesome day… and I bet he sleeps well tomorrow night!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead xx

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  1. Wow what a week. Always fun hearing about Toby's antics. LOL. The cupcakes are amazing - bet they were a big hit. :)


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