Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feel Good Friday–catching up

Hi everyone :)

Well it’s been a real roller-coaster of emotions, thoughts and feelings over the past couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago (on Friday) I got a phone call from Mum that truly shocked me.  Although Richard was in hospital, we were fully expecting him to come home but sometimes life throws you a huge curve ball and it must have been our turn.

Krystal and I rushed over to be with Mum and Richard and I feel very blessed that we were able to get to her so quickly and spend some quality time with them.  Richard and I have enjoyed sparring with each other over the years and I hadn’t realised how much that meant to me.  In fact his first words to me when I arrived at the hospital were… ‘You thought I was having you on didn’t you!’  And in true form I responded with… ‘Yeah I did a bit.’  We held hands and had a bit of a laugh and it felt good to just be with him and talk.

While Richard was in the hospital I took some photos of the garden that he and Mum have worked on, argued over and shared so my Week 8 layout is dedicated to Richard.

Week 8: Richard’s garden

week 8 - richards garden copy

By the following Friday Richard had passed away and we were planning a funeral.  Thankfully he had already put most of it in place himself and he got everything that he wanted. 

Richard had asked me to do a eulogy for him and he gave me two very strict instructions…

  • I had to put some ‘funny’ stuff in – there was definitely lots of things to choose from!
  • I wasn’t allowed to make him look bad – he told me this with a laugh and I knew exactly what he meant!

I like things to be clear cut… it takes all the guess work out!  Thanks to Richard’s instructions I knew exactly what to put in and exactly what to keep out. 

White roses are just like that too… they remind me of honesty, defining moments and truth… so my layout had to be focused on white roses.

Week 9: Keeping it real

week 9 - white roses copy

I had fully intended on having this post done yesterday but between being at school for well over twelve hours… coming home to lots of phone calls and messages and then feeling really tired it was all a bit much.  I knew that I needed to relax a bit so that I don’t burn out and what better way to do that than by having a bath.

Week 10 – It’s time to relax!

week 10 - baths copy

Thank you to everyone who has sent messages, texts and emails.  Your love and support has been greatly appreciated xx

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