Saturday, March 30, 2013

One Little Word–an update

Hi everyone :)

Last night I came over to Mum’s and I was showing her my One Little Word album and suddenly realised that I haven’t shown you what I’ve been doing with my word since January… oops! 

It’s definitely time for an update because April is just around the corner!!

title for blog

In February, Ali Edwards prompted us to make a vision board and it was a really great experience.  I’ve made one before but it was completely different from this one.  To be honest I haven’t finished my one for the wall but I have gone through the process of collecting the images that appealed to me and created 6 x 8 vision boards for my album.

Here’s my February intention in detail:

Monthly intention in detail copy_1

I used half of my page to do the details and the other half of my page is a mini board.  While I was collecting the photos for my board I didn’t have a ‘look’ in mind… I literally spent a couple of hours going all over the net and downloading everything that ‘spoke’ to me. 

The interesting thing was that when I was finished and I opened up the folder with all the images there was a real flow and connection between them… loads of white and neutral colours… lots of flowers and lots of organisational and relaxation things.  It’s obviously the way my subconscious is heading me.

Page 1

page 1 copy

Page 2

page 2 copy

Page 3

page 3 copy

Since I’ve created my vision board I’ve noticed that it’s the white/neutral things in shops that I notice.  I seem very drawn to linen and natural textures.  I’ve lit more candles and tried a few more relaxation techniques.

I have really enjoyed the process of creating a vision board and even though my ‘real’ one isn’t finished yet I can already feel a shift in my life.  This One Little Word project is pretty awesome!

Wishing you all the very best for the Easter break :)

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