Tuesday, April 2, 2013

52 Lists

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been busy working on the 52 List project Moorea Seal instigated.  I’m still really liking this project… especially now that I’ve actually started to put them in my album!  Up until now I’ve just had them sitting in an envelope but over the Easter weekend I’ve been mounting them onto kraft cardstock and putting them into the page protectors and they’re looking pretty cool.

Week 9: List the places you want to go!

I haven’t done much travelling.  I went to Sydney with my Mum and sisters when I was 16 and then my ex-husband and I went to Rarotonga when we got married… 23 years ago!  Since then I haven’t bothered to get myself a new passport because I was too busy raising the girls, getting through Teachers’ College and getting my career off the ground.

When this prompt came up I started writing down all the places I’d like to go and the things I’d like to see… and the list just fell into place!

Week 9 copy

I was quite surprised at how easy this list was to make.  Some of the things on the list are actual destinations and some of them are things I’d like to do.  A couple of them are even on my bucket list!

Week 10: List the ways you can cleanse for spring

In this part of the world spring is a long way off… but it’s still a list that I can work with.  Some of these things I want to do right now… like backing up all my computer files before my computer does it’s death roll.  Some of them might be waiting for a while longer… like organising my bedroom drawers LOL

Week 10 copy

Now that I’ve started putting all my lists into the page protectors I’ve realised that they’re not going to fit into the same album as my One Little Word album so I’m thinking of doing something a bit creative with the cover and keeping them in their own little album… I’ll let you know how I get on with that one!

Wishing you all a great week xx


  1. Have finally decided to do my lists as 6x4's and put them into a Snap album. Still tossing up whether to print them off or handwrite and once I decide will get on with them before I get too far behind. :)

  2. Beautiful work. Christmas in Canada - come on over! Of course in my part of Canada, south western Ontario, we do not always have snow for Christmas. Please remember to bring Dougall.


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