Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Art journal pages

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been having a bit more fun with my art journal this week and have come up with another three pages… I love that it’s creative… but I also love that it doesn’t take much to ‘fill’ the page and when an ‘anything goes’ theme I really do have the flexibility to work on pages when the mood strikes!

Page 1

This page was one that I did the background with Donna Downey and then stamped away to my hearts content when I got home… I even broke open my container of washi tape and added some to the page.



As you can see the lighting wasn’t the best when I took the photos but that’s the way it goes in winter I guess.  I also used up some 7 Gypsies stickers that I had left over from other projects.

Page 2

This next page was created completely in my craft room but is based on the ‘string technique’ that Donna taught us during class.  I didn’t like my string page that much and it was actually on the back of one of the pages I did like so technically it is ‘in’ the book but you just can’t see it LOL.  I used loads of paints and stamps to create my background and then added more paint through a stencil along with some random stamped images.  I love that a little bit of the lime green paint has made it through to the final page!


And here it is in my art journal:


Page 3

The final page for today is one that I created ‘just because’.  I started off punching out some circles and sticking them onto the background and then painted the whole thing with gesso.  Then out came the red paint (Brown Madder by Jo Sonya).  Next I ‘finger painted’ the yellow onto the circles (Jo Sonya’s Yellow Deep).  I even went ‘outside the lines’ on purpose!!  Not bad for someone who is very ‘linear’ really!

I went around the circles with my charcoal pencil and smudged the edges to create some shadows and then added lots of stamping… I’m totally loving stamping at the moment which is great because I’ve got lots of ‘brand new’ stamps that I’ve had for ages but never used!


I added a bit of washi tape to the page and it was done… pretty stoked with my efforts and it’s been a great way to unwind at the end of a long day at school.

So that’s my update.  If you’re doing art journals leave me a message because I’d love to see what you’re doing :)

Have a great week xx

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