Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project Life: Week 25

Hi everyone :)

Well I’m a little later than normal tonight but I had to go to school… do heaps of photocopying… get the groceries… go to the laundrette… and the list goes on!  I’ve got a little more school work to do tonight but that’s ok cause there’s not much on TV that I like to watch LOL

Here’s an overview of my week:Full_1

I’ve got another student teacher in my room.  This time it’s Matua Aaron and he’s doing his very first placement in a classroom for three weeks.  A huge bonus is that he’s tall… and I mean REALLY tall… 6 foot 6!!  He actually has to duck his head when he walks through the classroom door but he’s also tall enough to put up my artwork without needing to stand on a chair or a table (which is what I have to do) LOL

At school we’ve been working hard on our cooking topic and this week we made fresh pasta which the kids were stoked about… they especially liked rolling the dough and cutting it into fettuccine!

Here’s a closer look at the start of my week:Left_1

I’ve been working hard on wall displays featuring the kids work lately and all of a sudden the classroom is looking amazing!  We’ve got written work, art work, photos and reading activities all on the wall and the kids are super proud of all their stuff!

On Thursday night quite a few of our senior kids braved the freezing temperatures and performed in our kapahaka group as part of the Matariki celebrations in Rotorua.  Several teachers went to support the kids and they were really excited to show the wider community just how good they were… and we were like proud parents watching them and taking photos.

Chris (one of the teachers) and I decided we’d have dinner at the market and we really enjoyed ourselves.  She loved the waffles I introduced her to and she showed me the best salami guy in the world… super delicious and spicy!  We both decided that paella was a good choice and by the end of the night we’d been all around the world with our food :)

Here’s a close up of the second part of my week:Right_1

On Saturday, Carey and I went out for hot chocolates and I couldn’t resist the macadamia brittle… it’s totally decadent!  We also did a quick trip to the library which was lucky for me as I’d just finished another novel. 

I have to admit that I’ve tried more new authors this year than ever before and so far I’ve only gotten out one book that I just couldn’t get into.  There’s nothing better than hopping into a warm bed and the end of the day and relaxing with a good book… well except for chocolate of course!

Yesterday afternoon I took Toby down to ‘his’ supermarket and while we were there he had his toenails clipped and then we saw a sale on the sheepskin beds!  They had a whopping 50% off so Toby and I got the biggest one we could find and brought it home with us. 

His bed now sits right in front of the fire and quite honestly he’s like a ‘king in his castle’ with it!  Mikayla went to have a look at it today but Toby was quite insistent that she couldn’t even sit on it!  It’s nice to know that he likes it so much… and best of all it’s completely machine washable!

So that’s been my week.  Only three more weeks until the school holidays and I’m counting down the days already!

Have a great week everyone xx

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