Friday, August 23, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog then you’ll know that this year I’ve been doing some PD (Professional Development) in writing.  In all the years I’ve been teaching I’ve had LOADS of PD in maths and reading… mostly because that’s what a lot of primary schools seem to focus on… but I’ve never, ever had the opportunity to do writing PD.

I seem to have taken to it like a ‘duck to water’ and I’m very happy to say that my kids writing has really improved this year!

I decided to do some ‘report writing’ with them because in the past I’ve really struggled to teach this style of writing and it’s generally ended up with kids copying information from books, articles and the internet… but no more!

We’ve done a piece of report writing about ‘How bees make honey’  (Sheree will be pleased) and the kids are mostly finished now.  I thought they were doing well but when the Principal came in and read some of the reports and asked them ‘where did they copy the information from’ the kids quickly informed him that they had written their reports in ‘their own words’… he was flabbergasted because even my ‘low writers’ had done a really good piece of writing!

While he was in the room he was asking them questions about honey making and they were using words like… labour-intensive and enzymes… they even told him that basically honey is like ‘bee vomit’ because ‘the bees regurgitate the nectar to get it from the worker bees to the hive bees’… was he impressed?  TOTALLY!!  Although, I think it may have put him off eating honey on his toast for a while. LOL

So in honour of my kids writing I’ve got a page for my album all about bees and honey:week 34 - bees copy

I hope we haven’t put you off honey!

Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend xx

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