Friday, August 30, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hi everyone :)

In amongst all the other goings on this week, my class has unmoulded their hypertufa pots… and they turned out GREAT!

We didn’t have a single pot break which was awesome and the kids were really impressed with the ‘almost finished’ results.  Of course they are really keen to plant into them… but they need to fully cure which takes about another three weeks. 

In class, we’ve been thinking about some of the other things you could make with hypertufa and the ideas list keeps growing and growing.  They’re really keen to give it another go so we’ll have to see if we have time for that towards the end of the term.

In the meantime, here are some hypertufa pots and items I found on the internet:week 35 - hypertufa copy

I have to admit that those ‘face planters’ have really caught my eye… would love to have a go at them!

Have a good Friday everyone xx

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