Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project Life: Week 31

Hi everyone :)

I’m a bit late tonight but I’m feeling like a Domestic Goddess today… the lounge, dining room and kitchen are all sparkling clean… including the kitchen floors which I scrubbed to within an inch of their lives…  I also cleaned my laptop screen… it’s sparkling now  and so is the TV screen LOL  I’ve cleaned out my pantry… bought groceries and now I’ve got a Moroccan Lamb Tagine in the oven… yams semi cooked and ready for their honey and butter glazing… couscous all set to go and Turkish bread ready to be warmed up for dinner… oh yes, and I’ve got the fire going as well.  It’s a GREAT day!

Now onto the week that has just been:Full_1

Of course it was the start of the new school term on Monday and quite frankly it’s zooming ahead already.  We’re trying to pack so much into this term!  We’re also packing meetings into our weeks…. yuck!  This week I’ve had a staff meeting, team meeting and a course after school… where will the madness end??

After work on Tuesday I went over to Tauranga to try and get a couple of things… with only a little success.  By the time I’d finished all the things I needed to do it was just after 7pm so I decided to grab some Chinese takeaways and head to Mum’s for dinner since she was just getting off work for the day.  She was definitely surprised to see me and hadn’t even had a chance to think about what to have for dinner so it worked out really well!

On Wednesday I ended up doing a writing course after school.  It was actually really good and there were heaps of great things to learn… including some good things I used to do in my writing programme but had forgotten about.  I ended up buying the book for myself because, quite frankly, sharing three books between 23 teachers is just never going to work.

Here’s a close up of the start of my week:Left_1

In other news… I finally decided that the mustard wall paper in my toilet HAD to go!  I’ve lived with it for 7 years and always hated it and for whatever reason had done nothing about it… that is until I realised during the holidays that it’s only wall paper therefore it can be ripped off!  LOL  So now I’ve been busy ripping toilet paper every time I go to the loo… small things amuse small minds sometimes!

Toby has been having more ‘tato balls’ too!  Mikayla keeps making mashed potato for dinner and once or twice a week would be alright but not every night (hence why we’re having couscous tonight!).

I’ve been getting all my baskets on special at The Warehouse and the special was ending on Tuesday.  I just couldn’t seem to find all the baskets I needed so I decided to order them online (at the reduced price) and it totally worked… all the baskets I needed to complete my storage turned up this week and they’re working out fantastically well!

Now onto the second part of the week:Right_1

While I’ve been teaching and organising my WOF ran out… to be fair it actually ran out on the 21st of July but I’d forgotten to get it done so on Saturday morning I took it for a warrant thinking that it would fly through… ah NOT!!!  Not only did it not pass but it cost me FOUR tyres to get it put right! 

I just about had a heart attack… honestly… FOUR TYRES!  One of the reasons that I got such a nice car in the first place was so that warrants wouldn’t cost me a fortune.  Thankfully the lovely guy at the tyre place told me that they accepted Q Card and I’ve got one of those so on went the tyres and then it was back to VTNZ to get my warrant.  Now the car is all legal again and it’s really good to know that I’m going to be safe on the road!

Last night I spent most of the evening sorting through stamps and organising them into baskets.  I’ve still got lots more organising to do but I can honestly say that it’s all coming together nicely… plus I discovered quite a few stamp sets that I’ve bought and forgotten about so it’s a bit like Christmas for me really!

Along with house work I also got some school work done today.  Try as I might I just can’t seem to get away from doing school stuff on the weekends.  Honestly, I’m working 50-60 hours per week so something can’t be right with that!  National Standards have a lot of paperwork that goes with them and in my humble opinion it hasn’t made much (if any) difference to the kids at all… except that they have to put up with overworked and stressed teachers.  Ok, I’m off my soap box now!

So there you have it… just another week in my life LOL

I’m off to finish off my Moroccan feast and relax for the evening.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead is a good one xx

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  1. Gosh thats a lot of work hours for the week:( You still managed to fit in a lot of extras though - busy girl!!


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