Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project Life: Week 32

Hi everyone :)

I had my Project Life pages all done this morning and then I ended up having a ‘little’ nana nap this afternoon… followed by a phone call from my sister… followed by a surprise visit from Krystal… and now it’s almost 8pm… where did the day go??

Here’s an overview of this week:Full_1

This week features some BIG news about Mikayla!  In fact there’s three pieces of Mikayla news:

  1. She made a ball gown for a girl at Reporoa College who was named ‘Queen of the Ball’
  2. She was featured in the local Rotorua Review with a photo an article about the dress
  3. She found out on Tuesday that she’s been accepted into S.I.T. (Southern Institute of Technology) for 2014 to complete her Bachelor of Fashion Design!  Yes you read it right!!  She’s planning on moving to INVERCARGILL next year.

Here’s a closer look at the beginning of my week:Left_1

At school we’ve been busy doing lots of work within our ‘Environment’ theme… we’ve finished our paintings… done some writing… and created a word wall!  It’s been busy but we’re learning lots too.

Mikayla and Toby have had a few snapshots taken this week… they certainly can be entertaining at times!

Mikayla & Toby

The end of my week has been filled with some arty stuff (but nothing to really show for it so far) and lots of movies!

It’s been a busy week this week at school.. and we’ve had meetings almost every day:

  • Monday – Staff meeting
  • Tuesday – Team meeting
  • Wednesday – Student Led Conferences
  • Thursday – Student Led Conferences

On top of that I also taught a night class on Tuesday night and had a chiropractors check up on Thursday night.  By the time Friday afternoon came all I wanted to do was blob in front of the TV and so we watched the movie White House Down… AWESOME movie!

Here’s a close up of the second part of my week:Right_1

I did have a small win on Big Wednesday so I decided to invest on some more Pan Pastels for my art journaling.  Totally loving how this product works :)

On Saturday morning I decided to brave the rain and go to the morning markets.  Good choice because I found some gorgeous orchids to replace my flowers in the dining room.

I also got all my projects up to date with their photos in place… and of course if you saw the blog yesterday you would have seen that I’ve done another couple of pages for the 52 Lists project.

Yesterday afternoon I asked Mikayla if she’d like to go out for dinner to celebrate her achievements this week but she replied with… ‘no thanks Mum’… what???

She then informed me she’d rather have takeaways for dinner and watch a movie.  Toby was happy with that decision because it meant he got an ice cream… and he’s super spoilt (as if that was in any doubt!) because he had his ice cream in front of the fire LOL

tobys ice cream_1

He certainly likes to get the ice cream from every angle!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead xx


  1. Well done Mikayla - congratulations. I am with Toby on the ice cream. Orchids are such beautiful flowers; being that it is summer here and my garden is a riot of colour & scent, I just sit with my morning tea on the patio and breath deeply. I am not quoting completely or probably correctly ... "visitors from another world must think us mad with joy when they see all the varieties of flowers we have."

  2. That's awesome news for Mikayla - congratulations. A big step for her Mum too being so far away??? ;)

    1. Definitely a big step for me too Vicki!


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