Friday, December 20, 2013

December Daily: Dec 19

Hi everyone :)

Yesterday turned out to be really busy and although we had several moments of ‘non-motivation’ by the end of the day Krystal and I had pretty much cleaned out the garage.  It was a mammoth job and the mini skip is pretty much full now!

While we were in the garage we came across the OLD computer… the very first one I ever bought way back in 2001!  We also discovered a second screen although we have no idea where that came from as well as the stereo I bought in 2000 that hasn’t worked in years.

We had a quick look on the internet and found a place that takes ‘e-waste’ so we filled up the car with all the computer and stereo stuff along with a huge amount of cardboard boxes… where did all that come from??  Before we left young Dougal decided to hop in the car and check out what we were up to and I managed to snap a photo of him:


When we got back Krystal opened a pack of Neenish Tarts (one of her favourites) and Toby really wanted her to ‘share’.  She broke off some tiny pieces of the pastry to give him but he whined… he moaned… he begged… and it didn’t do him any good because she wasn’t giving him any more!

Can’t say I blame her either because he definitely doesn’t need sweet treats!  The funniest part was when she kept calling him ‘fatty’ and he just wags his tail like it’s a term of endearment!  It’s the same with Mikayla… she calls him ‘fluffy’ and he always comes running!  It’s all about the tone of voice I guess but I really do wish he wasn’t so gullible sometimes!


We’ve got one last job left to do before the mini skip guy can come and take the bin away… and hopefully we’ll get that done this morning.

Wishing you all a great day xx

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  1. Its funny what can turn up when you are a having a big clean out. Good luck with the rest of it. ;)


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