Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Daily: An update finally!

Hi everyone :)

I’ve been MIA for several days… to be honest I just haven’t been feeling all that good and have barely left the sofa.  This morning I’m feeling a bit better so I thought I’d ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and catch up on my December Daily project.

December 23

The 23rd turned out to be a really busy day.  Esther and her elf (Raz) arrived on Monday morning and we spent a bit of time catching up.  Then we were off to pick up Mikayla from the farm.  It’s 120 kilometers there and back so it took up a fairly big portion of our afternoon.

Dougal decided that he wasn’t coming with us because he didn’t like the ‘smells’ in the country.  He’s such a city boy!  Toby on the other hand was NOT going to be left behind.  He wanted to see Jazz (the dog) and Midnight (the pony) and the new little kittens that had been born.  Unfortunately for Toby, Mummy cats don’t like the idea of great big dogs looking at their kittens so it was out of luck on that score!

Esther and I went to Lone Star for dinner which was really great and then we headed to the supermarket.  I figured that it wasn’t going to get any quieter than late in the evening and to be honest I’ve never done my groceries at 10.30pm before but it wasn’t too bad!

Text_1When we got home from Pak’N’Save it was really late but Dougal and Raz were quiet happy to help us out with the groceries… I think they might have been hoping for some treats!

Dougal also helped me with my teriyaki marinade for the chicken nibbles and in spite of me telling him that it wouldn’t taste nice until it was cooked he just couldn’t keep himself out of trouble!  He has now decided that teriyaki should in fact be called ‘teri-yucky’ because it’s horrible!  I bet he changes his mind when he sees (and smells) it on Christmas Day!

Photo_1By that stage it really was late and Raz was getting grumpy so we all headed off to bed.

December 24

Christmas Eve was great.  Esther and I spent a little more time together before she headed off back to her family and then the boys and I got stuck in with all the food preparations.  I tried to make it as easy on myself as possible and getting all the marinades done ahead of time worked out brilliantly.

We also made a yummy white chocolate rocky road for the kids and I’m pretty sure Dougal and Toby were pinching the marshmallows as we made it! 

While the boys were having a little afternoon nap I got all the presents wrapped and hidden away again… I’m not trusting Dougal this year after he renamed all the presents for himself!

By the time the boys had woken up again it was pouring with rain so Mikayla and I sorted out some Christmas movies to watch and we had a lovely time being entertained.  The boys snuggled down on the sofa with us and it was wonderful.

There was also a fair bit of ‘wondering’ going on… you know what kids are like! 

I ‘wonder’…

  • what Santa will bring me?
  • what Grandma will bring me?
  • if Mumma will like what I got her?
  • how many presents will be under the tree for me tomorrow?
  • what time will we have Christmas lunch?

After dinner they had ‘wondered’ themselves out so Mikayla got out their December story from last year and they all settled down by the tree to read it.  It was such a lovely time to watch them all together.


Of course, once Toby heard the click of the camera he HAD to pose for me!


Dougal was very happy with this page because of all the red glitter!!!  He went off to sleep dreaming of sparkly things :)


  1. What a fab album your Dec Daily is. Loved hearing Dougals stories. Wishing you a very Happy New Year :)

  2. Missing your posts. Hope you & family are all ok.


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