Sunday, January 18, 2015

Project Life – Week 1

I thought I’d better get my Week 1 pages blogged before I put up Week 3!

This year I want to focus on getting healthier, fitter, stronger and more balanced.  It’s something important that I need to do for myself and I’m definitely focused on achieving my goals!  In spite of a couple of indulgences this week… crème Brule (Monday) and chocolate brownie (Wednesday)… I have actually managed to shed 500g and it feels good!

Here’s an overview of the first four days of 2015:FULL_1

Right now my mind is filled with making some changes to the way I live my life… mainly in the form of exercise (walking) and drinking water.  I’m also focusing on making smarter food choices and maintaining my non-smoking, non-V-drinking status.  Joining Cathy Zielske’s Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart is a massive step in the right direction for me!

Here’s a closer view of the start of the week:LEFT_1

If I’m going to do lot of walking then I definitely needed some new shoes and with Rebel sport having their New Year sale there was no better time to buy… love the touch of pink too!

This year I’m using images with my date cards that relate to being more healthy… in Week 2 it was nectarines and for this week I chose blueberries… I’m loving blueberries at the moment!

I’ve been making a lot of pizza wraps… super simple and using a wrap for the base gives a perfect crunchy base to put toppings onto.  My current favourites are spinach, capsicum, chicken, and a light grating of parmesan cheese.  I also love adding some cucumber, mint and yoghurt dip to the side for a bit of flavour.

Toby and I have discovered a dog park near the Redwood forest where we can walk without Toby having to be on the lead.  He loves it!!!  We quite often meet other dogs running through the park and so far everyone has been very friendly and well behaved.

Now it’s time for some gardening!RIGHT_1

When I moved back to Rotorua I knew that I was going to need to put a lot of work into my gardens.  Since this garden is small… by the front door… it seemed like a good place to start!

First up I had to get all the weeds, weed matting, bark and rubbish out of the garden.  It turned out to be a fairly quick job really. I filled up two big sacks really quickly and then it was time to go and have lunch with Chris and Carey.

Carey made some delicious pinwheel scones and I took some strawberries around.  We had a great time catching up and having a girly chat. 

After lunch I headed down to Bunnings and bought some supplies and then I got busy!  I added two big bags of organic compost and another big bag of manure.  Digging it all over was a bit of a workout too!

Then I planted all my new purchases… chilies, capsicum, tomatoes (x3), basil (regular and purple), parsley (Italian and regular), sage (x2), oregano, chives and mint. I added some snail bait too because I know from past experience that the snails absolutely LOVE that front garden!

Next, I hooked up an irrigation system to make watering a breeze and by 6pm Sunday night I had a brand new garden!

So that was the start of 2015 for me… things are looking up!


  1. You have made such a fantastic start to your Move More, Eat Well journey Shell! I can vouch for that having seen you in action personally, lol.
    Love the Gardening 101 lesson too - it looks fantastic now and I know you will keep looking good. I'm sorry you have so much more jungle to tackle (oops - did I say that out loud?)

    1. Thanks Esther :) The other gardens will get done... just have to remind myself that it's not going to happen overnight.

  2. Good stuff Shell, you are amazing..

  3. Great start to your gardening. Did you move back to your original home? We had more snow today & although temperatures got above 0 (c) it is dropping rapidly again, so your garden was SO nice to see. Neat idea for the date cards & a good motivator. Blueberries have been my go to treat this week - I like them frozen. Lucky Toby & you finding the leash free park. Another moan from me, because of the ice & snow, it has been treadmill walking for me ;)

    1. Hi Mary-Lou, yes I moved back to my original home. I own it (along with the bank LOL) and I've had tenants living in it for the past year. Now I need to get it all back to the way it should be. Thank goodness for the school holidays!


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