Monday, February 23, 2015

Project Life–Week 4

Sometimes you blink and weeks have literally passed you by!  I’m now playing the ‘catch up’ game but thankfully I’ve been filling out my calendar regularly and taking photos so it’s not as bad as it might have been.

Here’s an overview of Week 4 – January 19th – 25thFULL_1

The week started off with a couple of ups and downs.  I won an auction on Trade Me to buy a gorgeous bookcase for the family room (UP) and the sellers had given me the measurements so I knew the trailer would work brilliantly (UP).  When I went to pick up the bookcase it wouldn’t actually fit lying down on the trailer because they’d forgotten to measure the top molding detail area (DOWN).  Thankfully the sellers husband said he could loan me some rope and tie it down for me (UP) but unfortunately a few minutes up the road his rope tying skills came into serious question when the top molding broke and the bookcase crashed down into the trailer (MAJOR DOWN!). 

The molding can probably be replaced but for now I’m using the bookcase and trying not to notice the top molding too much!

Here’s a closer look at the start of the week:LEFT_1

Ever since I moved back to Rotorua I’ve been spending time trying to make the place look good again and that includes the lawns.  When the kids moved out they hadn’t mowed the lawns in weeks and the back got done on a high setting with no catcher so it’s been a mission to bring it under control.  I did discover though that mowing lawns greatly upped my steps and ‘active minutes’ on my Fit bit!

Last year I started buying a lot of books… it’s amazing what you can afford when you stop smoking!  Love That Dog was a book I borrowed from my friend Marie in Gisborne and I really loved it… even though it had me in tears by the end of it.  When I got back to Rotorua I ordered it through a local bookseller and it arrived almost straight away!

I also bought myself a really pretty phone cover.  Last year I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 3 and discovered that I can do quite a lot with it… it’s especially useful at school!  I’ve had a couple of covers but I really wanted something pretty and the pink butterflies on this one really caught my eye!

This year I’ve discovered that I really love white as an accent colour around my home so I’ve been working on getting some framed photos up.  In the end I went for black and white photos in white frames and I seriously love how it’s turning out!  It did take a couple of goes at the printing to work out which settings I liked the best but it was worth it when I saw the final results.

Here’s a closer look at the second half of the week:RIGHT_1

I picked up my new school laptop this week and I felt super lucky when they also provided me with a brand new backpack to transport it to and from school.  Certainly makes my life a whole lot easier that’s for sure!

Just as I was about to head back to school, my personal life went through a dramatic change as well!  I met someone… and it turns out he’s someone really important to me. 

If you’d asked me to make a list of what/who I was looking for I could have done that and to be honest Mike wouldn’t have ticked any of the boxes on my list but he is exactly the right person for me. 

Our first date was taking Toby for a walk at the Redwoods dog exercise park and Toby made a big deal of checking him out!  In the end we had three dates over three consecutive evenings… all involving taking Toby for a walk, followed by dinner and talking… we even went to the sculpture symposium!

On the Saturday morning, Mike and his cousin went up to Whangarei to visit family for the long weekend and he accidentally left his hat and sunglasses behind at my place when he called in for a visit.  Toby spent most of the weekend walking past Mike’s hat and looking at me as if to say “When’s he coming back again Mumma?”  He was pretty pleased to see him when he got back on the Monday afternoon… but that’s jumping ahead of myself!

Meanwhile, I was also working hard on getting my fitness up… hence taking Toby for walks at the dog exercise park!  On Sunday morning I took Toby for a road walk and about 10 minutes into my walk I pulled my calf muscle!  OUCH!!  I hoped that it would ease off if I kept going but that didn’t quite go to plan.  In the end I cut my walk a little short and came home to put my leg up with ice on the muscles.

I spent most of Sunday hobbling around and feeling pretty crippled.  Since I’m currently trying to catch up with my Project Life album I can tell you that my leg was quite sore for about 4 days and then it improved really quickly.

So that was Week 4 of 2015!

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