Sunday, November 1, 2015

Project Life: Week 36

I’m definitely feeling very productive this weekend.  I’ve actually managed to finish FOUR WEEKS worth of photos to print off for my album and now I’m blogging again!  Thank goodness I’ve still been taking photos and organising them into my dated folders over the past couple of months.

Here’s an overview of Week 36:FULL_1

Mike and decided that we might try a few new options for putting in our ‘lunch boxes’ and some savoury muffins fitted the bill.  Actually they were pretty delicious and we scoffed them a little too quickly!

During August the District Council cut down all the eucalyptus trees from the park as they were causing problems… especially when it was windy.  There were a couple of other trees that were just over our back fence and they’d been blocking off the sunlight and dropping leaves in our backyard.  We’d rung the council before about having them trimmed with no success so when they were doing the eucalyptus trees we gave them another call and they said that they would ‘look into it’.  We didn’t expect a lot and didn’t hear back from them so figured that nothing was going to happen.  On Monday I was at home and Toby and I both heard a huge noise… it turned out to be huge machinery that almost pulled the tree out by the roots.  We have lost a little bit of privacy in the backyard but we’ve also gained a LOT of sunlight!

Here’s a close up of the left side of my album:LEFT_1

Sometimes it’s nice to just capture some of the every day chores we do and on this morning I got a photo of all the dishes done… including my pink gloves!  One day we’ll get ourselves a dishwasher but for now we do the dishes by hand.

We spent almost every evening of this week working in the art studio painting.  It was definitely a team effort and brushes and rollers going constantly.  It looked dramatically different when the old red/brown walls were covered with primer.  It gave the first glimpse of what the finished room was going to be like.

I spent ages choosing my paint colours and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.  I love how it all turned out and am very happy with my final choices!

Here’s the rest of the photos from this week:RIGHT_1

On Saturday my friend Carey rang me to see if I wanted to do a photo shoot with her on Sunday morning.  We decided to go up to the Tree Trust at 6am to capture the sunrise but unfortunately it was a cloudy gloomy morning.  We actually  had a good time trying out different settings and playing with the lighting.  I’ve got a few photos that I’m pretty happy with.

Sunday morning was also Father’s Day!  Toby was super clever and he made up a ‘treasure hunt’ for Daddy!  Since I was going out early to take photos Mike had to participate in the treasure hunt early so that the surprise wasn’t spoilt! 

Mike loves Star Wars so Toby typed all his clues with little pictures of Yoda beside them… he’s a clever puppy!  All of the clues led to a new little present… all Star Wars and Darth Vader related.

instruction 1

The ‘basket’ would be the basket of new toilet paper rolls.

instruction 2

instruction 3

instruction 4

instruction 5

And inside the wood basket was the new circular saw that Mike had been looking forward to buying!  We was pretty happy with what Toby had put together for him.

After I got back from the Tree Trust we got changed and headed off on the bike to a little cheese shop in Putaruru.  They don’t just do cheese tasting there… they do ‘cheese educating’.  The lady in charge of the taste testing actually talked to us about how the cheeses were made, the types of processes and milks they use and also ideas for enjoying them more.  We actually learnt a LOT from her and confidently bought several of our favourites.

Then we were off to Tirau for lunch.  We had a wonderful brunch and sat outside in the sunshine enjoying our delicious food.  Since we were in Tirau we HAD to visit the Christmas Heirloom shop as well and we bought a few new decorations for our Christmas tree. 

Mike really enjoyed his Father’s Day and he was pretty pleased with our efforts to spoil him… so that was our Week 36. 

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend xx


  1. Wonderful catch up - so glad you are back. Very neat idea about the treasure hunt for Mike's Father's Day gifts. The craft room is looking amazing. The Alice In Wonderful statues were very cool.

    1. I really loved the Alice in Wonderland statues... would like to capture them in a different light so we might have to go back for another visit :)


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